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  1. Hi! Fort Collins.....my husband travels there a lot to go to the brewery! He works for a distributor. I looked online and shipping looks like at most it will be $18, but I am going to see if a family member can ship it cheaper thru their work. How does that sound?
  2. If you are debating if it is too windy for a veil, I heard from the lady that made my jewelry, Susan G. Allen Jewelry, that there are now magnet type weights that are all blinged out that you put on the bottom of your veil so it doesn't blow away. I debated about doing that, because that sounds like a genius idea, but I opted for no veil. If you want to look further into that idea, you can contact her. She lives in Wisconsin, but now has a division at Macy's where she designs jewelry, hairpieces and veils for Macy Brides. She is extremely talented! If you still haven't found that perfect hairpiece or jewelry, tell her what you want, and she will design and make it for you. I know this sounds like a plug, but I was EXTREMELY impressed by her work! www.susangallen.com Heather
  3. I have 6 orange paper lanterns left from our local reception. Lanterns used once. These lanterns are great,because they already have the LED light inside of them, you just need 2 AAA batteries to make them work! I am asking $3.50 for EACH lantern, plus the cost of shipping. Heather
  4. I have 5 1/2 jars, 1.8 pounds a jar, of aqua sand that I purchased at Pier One. Only one jar was opened, hence the 1/2 jar! I am asking $3 a jar plus the cost of shipping. Great for sand ceremony or for glass votives with a tea light. Beautiful color! Heather
  5. Need that perfect decoration for your beach wedding? We used these for our wedding and received more compliments! I am asking $20 a piece for them plus shipping. If you need more, I made these, and would be happy to make you more if needed. I can change the ribbon color around for you if needed. Heather
  6. Need that perfect beach decoration for your wedding? These starfish were used for wedding.... I received more compliments on them! They are adorable! Price is negotiable, but you have to pay for shipping... Heather Violet
  7. I have some bright colored aqua and orange paper lanterns for sale that I used once for our local reception. Attached are some pictures. Let me know if you are interested.... willing to work on price, but you need to pay for the shipping..... Heather Violet
  8. I have jars and jars of aqua colored sand for sand ceremony or to put in candle holders for your reception. I bought them at Pier One.... beautiful color for your beach wedding! Only 1 jar is actually opened! Whomever is interested, it is yours for a great price. You have to pay for shipping though. Thanks- Heather Violet
  9. Flowers by Lucy... Her name is Liz lucy_cancun@hotmail.com Her prices were less than half of the resorts! I emailed her pictures of what I wanted... my flowers looked EXACTLY like what I sent her! Amazing! Heather
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