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  1. Hi ladies! We just confirmed our date 12/1/12 with the Steffany and Amaradai. Now we just have to book our trip! How's everyone else's planning coming along? Does anyone have an alternate email for the resort? All my emails have been bouncing back to me saying "database quota exceeded". Very frustrating. Have a great day
  2. Hi LaurenP and thanks! I'm sure I will have some questions for you pretty soon! I just received confirmation from the WC there, Steffany. She tells me it is not possible to have a legal ceremony AND a minister... it's either legal OR symbolic. I know several people who did what you did and I'm very disheartened to learn that I may not be able to do that. I've been trying to email Steffany once more, but I keep getting "delivery failure" messages, so we'll see. I'm hoping it's just a language barrier..... So excited to get married in paradise though! Praying we can have the Christian minister too!
  3. Hi there! My fiance and i are considering GBP CL for our wedding 12/1/12. We were originally ready to book Dreams La Romana, but due to a number of issues, we have decided against it. We're still choosing between GBP or a big church wedding at home. I'll let ya'll know if we choose GBP. It looks amazing!!
  4. hi ladies! i kinda fell off the face of the earth for awhile. CONGRATS to the new MRS. on here! a lot has been going on recently and we've decided to change our destination. we're now still choosing between eloping at another resort in the DR or just having a big church wedding at home to satisfy the family. i'll try to check in here every now and then. happy planning!!!
  5. So I printed out the paperwork Yanna sent me, and there's no box telling me to scan the form and copy my credit card. When I emailed Yanna 2 months ago asking her what I needed to do to confirm the date, I guess I made the mistake of asking too many questions. She responded "Yes you can do the symbolic ceremony and bring your own officiant without extra charge". I emailed a couple more times just asking about confirming, but... still waiting! My TA is trying to contact the resort for me, so I don't have to spend $$$ in long distance calls, so I'm *patiently* waiting to hear from her. Thanks katierenae for the info!! amurka I love the wedding box! I will definitely look into one of those.
  6. amurka, I am using a TA to book, but I don't want to officially book until our wedding is confirmed! I'm waiting to hear back from my TA to see what she can do. your welcome bags are lovely! katierenae, thanks for the info...and for keeping crossed fingers! lol I think I've emailed every address I found on their website! What paperwork did you have to scan? Yanna sent me the Wedding Reservation form to complete and send back, but that's the only paperwork I received and I sent that back right away. I did book Pastor Rick for our date, so I'm praying the resort doesn't have to change it! Wanting desperately to book my photographer before someone else does! I can't wait to officially be able to plan... you ladies have some fantastic ideas! So grateful for this forum and all of you girls!
  7. so exciting!! congrats anudrm! i can't wait to see pics and read your review! )
  8. Hi katierenae and congratulations!! My FI and I are planning for December 1, 2012 but have not yet received a confirmation from Yanna. I emailed her on Oct. 2nd then again 2 weeks later.... then again just the other day with "URGENT" in the subject line. I haven't tried calling yet since long distance rates are outrageous, but it's so hard for me to be patient! I'm already sounding like bridezilla lol. How long did it take Jenny to confirm your date? Do you have Jenny's email address so I can try forwarding her my request? I can't wait to officially start planning!
  9. I'm slowly getting through this forum and it is definitely a Godsend! Still waiting to hear back from Yanna :o/ As soon as I get confirmation on our date, I can start working out all the other details. I'll be sure to share them as they fall into place. We have also decided to secretly make it legal here in the US (we're from Pennsylvania) before we go. I just can't justify spending all the $ on translation fees, etc. The symbolic ceremony on the beach will be our "real" wedding day anyway. Thanks for sharing your plans ... sounds perfect! I'll let you know when Yanna confirms our date... hopefully it won't be much longer!! )
  10. Thanks amurka and congrats to you as well. I'm still waiting, but we're planning for 12/1/12, so I'm sure I'm low on Yanna's priority list of responses right now lol. All planning is on deck until I confirm the date! We're planning to invite 25-30 ppl, but I'm not sure how many will actually come. Are you planning a reception or just going to dinner together after the ceremony? I'd love to hear more about your ceremony/reception plans. We're on a strict budget and I have no idea what we're going to do for a reception yet!
  11. Has anyone been in contact with Yanna recently? I emailed her 3 weeks ago and then again last week and have yet to get a reply. I really want to confirm our date!
  12. Hi ladies! We're bringing our own photographer, but if something falls through, we're looking to book Roger Ramirez. He'll travel just about anywhere in the Dominican Republic and I just wanted to get his name out there... I think his work is outstanding!
  13. Hi ladies and congratulations! Those of you who have used Pastor York, did the resort charge you an extra $300 to use his services, or was the total cost $300? We're just starting to plan for December 2012 and I'd love to have Pastor York as our officiant.
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