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  1. We just got back from our wedding in April and we used M and J photography as our wedding photographer! If you are looking for great service and value you should contact them! Micheal and Jennifer were gave standout service from the beginning when we booked them! I know how scary it can be to find vendors and not everyone has the budget for some of these photographers, they provided a great pictures and were professional for a really great price Here are a few samples of their great work!
  2. We just got back from our wedding in April and we used M and J photography as our wedding photographer! If you are looking for great service and value you should contact them! Micheal and Jennifer were gave standout service from the beginning when we booked them! I know how scary it can be to find vendors and not everyone has the budget for some of these photographers, they provided a great pictures and were professional for a really great price!
  3. I was also assigned to her. She seems friendly and willing to help. Sometimes it does take a day or 2 for her to get back to you. Bit overall very nice and accommodating!
  4. I can not believe our wedding is like 3 weeks away!! Almost everything is in place..couple of questions for those of your who have had your weddings there.. 1. Who was your onsite? I have Denys and she seems to be a bit slow on the responses. Any suggestions on a switch or is it normal to take 4 days to return messages? 2. We would like to do a family dinner on one of the nights to introduce the families to each other..but we have 17 in our group! I have contacted the OWC to see if we could make a reservation at one of the restaurants..any suggestions on what you did..we don't want to do the buffet as the next nigh is meet and greet of all of our guests and we are doing a buffet then. 3. Do they do rehearsals? I mean how does my bridal party know what they are doing on the day of the wedding? 4. 5 of us are going to the Spa to get hair and makeup done..will they let you bring in food from room service? we are doing it from like 11:430 to 3:30(that is how they scheduled us) and we are going to need to eat! Any help or suggestions would be great! I think I am pretty much done all my linens arrived, gift bags here ..found a second dress at JC Penny for a steal for the trash the dress! Wohoo I am a MRS. in like 3 weeks!!! Can't wait!
  5. M and J photography. Great people to deal with, originally from the US and we got a free THD underwater session!! Great prices and super accommodating!
  6. I am also taking my chances with the spa. we booked several of my bridemaids and my mother as well. I am also going to go to bobbi brown make up and have them do the makeup and then take lots and lots of pictures and I am also going to have them do a style sheet with what was applied where, like eye shadow. I am also having my hair done up here and taking pics..what did she mean by book? they have a book of hairstyles?? I got my bags from vista prints today! Love them..got the medium size and it is great to double as a beach bag..if you just want it to be a small gift bag you could certainly do the small size! Great deal on a nice bag with the 50% off coupon..I will try to get a pic an post them this week!
  7. Hey Ladies, I have a questions on something...we are paying for the $350.00 vendor fee for our photographers, but Ana tried to sock me with extra fees for them like cake fee of $30.00 for both, cocktail hours of $50.00 for both and the extra hour fee for $50.00 for both. I understand the dinner fee since they will be eating but the rest they will not be taking part in as they will be taking pictures. As of right now I had her take them off the guest list and I am going to deal with the onsite about this in March. Has anyone else had this experience and how did you deal with it or were you just stuck paying? Thanks for any info! It just seemed silly to me to have to pay for those things if I am already paying $350.00 for them to be there and they won't be eating cake, drinking and will be gone by like 9pm??? Oh also if you are looking for a nice personalized gift bag, go to Vistaprint. If you look up vistaprint coupons on google and you have never been a customer you will 50% OFF..we got canvas pags personalized for like $5.50 a piece for 20 of them! Plus we were able to get thank you note at 50% off as well! Pretty good deal when you do the comparisons! Oh can someone add me in on the list..I can not seem to figure out how to! April 27th!
  8. Hey everyone! Well are wedding is coming up quick and I feel like w had alot done. We are doing our own candle luminaries. Actually pretty easy to do if you have any graphic experience. You can buy the paper for like 5.00 a pack! I am having Marvin do my flowers! Gave us some great prices and I am lucky enough to have a florist as my mom's best friends so we are buying flowers in bulk from him and our guest is doing all our butounieres and bridemaids bouquets as well as decor on the chairs and huppa for me! That kept the cost way down!! Found a really cute idea on Martha Stewart for programs and designed my own menu's, just have to print them all. Table linens, found some great sites for linens and napkins and still cheaper then renting from the resort! Made out appointments for hair and makeup at the spa. A little frustrated that they have 1 of my brides maids earlier because our photographer is coming to take pic of us all getting ready. Hopefully that will get rectified(anyone else see this problem) Or is anyone here having someone come in to do hair and make up in the room and know a good company. I am just worried they would charge yet another vendor fee for this. Just need to pay off the final payments so I can get switched to my onsite WC.. Really excited picked up my dress and getting alterations started next week!! Everything is coming together! Won't be long now until I am a mrs.!
  9. Hey Ladies the time is flying! So much to get done and ofcourse not enough time! I am wondering if anyone here has some good sites besides etsy for birdcage veils with detachable flowers? I have only really found these on Etsy. Most other places you buy them separate. Just curious how everyone has done it in the past. I thought the idea of them coming together yet being detachable was really neat, so I did not have to wear the veil the entire evening! Also any good sites to find cute sandals for bridemaids and bridal shoes that are not heels? My dress is coming in finally next week!(so excited) and they told me to wait on shoes until I actually have my first fitting as we had to do a hollow hem. I would love the input! Lastly a question on entree's. Which fish did you find the tastiest? We are trying to decide between the salmon and the florentine fish? Any suggestions? Thanks!!!
  10. DeniDen - April 20, 2012 Qgirl2- April 27th, 2012 kellygrrrl - May 5, 2012 queenoftheu- May 19, 2012 Kate112 - June 5, 2012 rsosadpt - July 7, 2012
  11. I am okay with a guest putting everything out. I am fortunate enough that my mom's best friend is a former florist and wedding coordinator and if going to make alot of the stuff for us to save us big money. He will be in charge of the tables and flowers and has offered to do it all for us! As of now I am just going to keep my mouth shut with Ana and not really go into any more details to avoid the"no's" and the costs. I think I will just wait to speak to the onsite at the wedding about the photographer. I am sure they will say not a big deal. Thanks so much for all your feed back! Makes going through all this alot easier!
  12. Well I think I made the mistake of asking ana questions I think you are right I will just discuss there things with my Onsite WC and leave them be for now. I thin I get her in March..like 6 weeks before or something. Good plan..
  13. okay everyone I have Ana as my WC and honestly she seems to be not willing to work with you on anything. She told me I had to have the flowers delivered to the security gate? Anyone else have this issue? If not who is your WC as I want them! Also anyone have the photographer from the resort included in their package take the cocktail hour instead of the ceremony. Meaning your outside photographers did the ceremony and during the cocktail hour the resort photographer managed that? Again she told me flat out no. It seems like everytime I try to switch the tiniest thing she says nope. Wondering if I should try to switch to another girl..any body have another girl who is easier to deal with? I would appreciate it!
  14. Who is your wedding planner? Just curious. I left ana a message but in a previous message she said any delivered flowers will be considered and outside vendor fee..Who did you speak to on the phone?
  15. I have a question about flowers. I would like to use Marvin for my centerpieces and bouquet and some other bulk flowers(my mom's best friend is a florist and is putting together the bridesmaids and the boutonieres and decorating the beach area) Has anyone else used Marvin and not been charged a vendor fee for using him? And if so when and how? Marvin is stating that if delivered to the lobby the resort will charge me the $300.00 frickin fee which is ridiculous! Please let me know how you did it with avoiding the fee as many of you on here have used him and stated that you avoided a fee. Thanks!
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