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  1. Hi Ladies, I am kinda new on this awesome forum reading it has been very helpful. We are getting married at Dreams Cancun in June 8th 2012. I am very excited, not much of a planner but, reading all the posts here I feel like I am ready to start the planning! leigh2011 you looked beautiful on your wedding day. We are also having the "ultimate" and your posts have been very helpful, thanks!!
  2. Thank you for the information! How many guests did you have in your wedding?...if you dont mind me asking
  3. Once the lanterns have flown.. What happens afterwards? What goes up must come down right? Is it safe?
  4. Until what time did resort allow your reception? That is kind of what I want, a reception by the beach with the lighted dancefloor and all! Your wedding was beautiful, it is all we want for our wedding.
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