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  1. And thank you again Chanel! You were a lifesaver during this wedding planning!
  2. Oh, and I forgot to mention for future brides, because I was looking for this information when I was planning. For anyone that wanted maracas for their reception, you can totally get them there in Mexico. We took the free shuttle to the beach palace where all the shopping is and went to this mall across the street. They have a store called Playa del Fiesta (or something like that) and they have 2 maracas (medium size) on special for $1.99. They also have a set of the larger ones for $2.99 for the set. I just split the set and added one to the table for act guests. So, instead of them tapping on their glass for us to kiss, we had them shake the maracas. The guests really loved them and I was able to get them in my adding colors. And, if it is within your budget to get a reception dress to change into, I would definitely recommend it. My dress was heavier than I remember it being in the bridal shop, so I was so happy to get out of the dress and into the lighter dress. It was just a party/bridesmaid dress and I got it in all white. Here is a pic of it from when I put it back on to do some pics with the photographer before I left. (PS - Ignore my hair, it was a wreck by then - lol)
  3. Wahoo...I finally finished my review! That took forever - lol! Hopefully it will be of some help to future brides: http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/products/moon-palace-golf-spa-resort-all-inclusive/reviews/6255
  4. Yes, I had Ivan Luckie for my photographer so I only had to have a day pass for him and his assistant. The same with my DJ.
  5. I got a couple of pics from the guests to share! The day was really overcast, but I am super grateful that it didn't rain. We had the reception in the Laud Ballroom, the wedding in Tucan Gazebo, and the cocktail hour on the Tucan Terrace (got the mariachi band).
  6. Yeah, with you getting married in December, I think things will definitely be in place in time for you to reap the benefits of this new office. Fingers crossed.
  7. No, I am not sure, but I think they are just starting to put things together, so I think as soon as they get organized that they will be reaching out. They really take the feedback seriously, so I really think this is a great thing for future brides and will make things so much less frustrating. Either way, Moon Palace really knows what they are doing with weddings so you really don't have to worry once your locations are booked. I would at least push for locations, but after that then you really don't have to worry....they aim to please and are just super accommodating.
  8. Hi Ladies- Yes, the Cancun on-site office is getting their own wedding department because I think the feedback for the Miami office is so horrible, I guess they are starting their own. Kalena, who was my wedding planner, actually got a promotion while I was there and she is going to be working in that new office and no longer as an on-site coordinator. I didn't even get to see her again to say an official goodbye before I left. She did a wonderful job for our wedding, and hopefully this means that for future brides your pre-planning will not be such an awful experience. But yeah, Kalena will be in the new office as of this weekend.
  9. Hi Ladies! I am here and only a day and a half left before I go. Lots to share when I return. As every bride has said, everything was wonderful! If you have any questions or are wondering what an area looks like, feel free to PM me :-)
  10. Hi Ladies! I am here and only a day and a half left before I go. Lots to share when I return. As every bride has said, everything was wonderful! If you have any questions or are wondering what an area looks like, feel free to PM me :-)
  11. Hi Ladies - We leave tomorrow morning! Wahoo....finally! Right now, we are just packing and praying we don't have to pay a mortgage in luggage fees - lol! I haven't spoken to my on-site coordinator Kalena in weeks, but my locations are booked, so I'll just worry about the rest when we get there. I have everything printed out for what we requested and when, so hopefully all goes well. I stopped looking at the weather report because it was driving me crazy - lol! Otherwise, I am just hoping for a wonderful occasion and I will check in when I can to answer any questions you ladies may have that I can help with!
  12. Yeah, I don't think anyone should pay before leaving (regardless of what they send you). I didn't have Joannis, but no one ever asked me for payment before hand, so I don't think its standard and the people that paid before seemed to have issues with their credit cards.
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