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  1. hi ladies! they wouldnt let me post my review here for some reason - so it is posted under the resort reviews here http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/products/secrets-maroma-beach-resort ENJOY!! : )
  2. ceremony setup they had these menus printed for us (no charge) dinner got moved inside b/c of rain (set up was still beautiful) outside setup reception ceremony
  3. ceremony setup - 3 centerpieces (we moved them to reception for later) Juan was AMAZING!! could not ask for a better photographer!!! they printed these menus for us (no charge) we did gazebo cocktail hour and dinner.. perfect!! tables we got moved inside the seaside restaurant d/t rain.. set up was still beautiful - they moved fast and everything was perfect.. The day we got there, we met with Cecilia and she showed us everything and we went over last minute details - she is a miracle worker - she is absolutely amazing!! I did a trial hair and makeup at the spa with Blanca - she is AMAZING!!! she did exactly what I wanted but even better than i imagined (bring pictures of what you want and she will do exactly that).. on the wedding day I had my hair/makeup appt at 130... ceremony started at 430.. everything was perfect. Cecilia does everything and it is all perfect!!! We had an Ipod w/ speakers for the ceremony and cocktail hour - it was perfect. We were set up for reception at gazebo terrace but got moved inside d/t rain... so we ate dinner inside and did our first dances and then moved outside for DJ... DJ was amazing! So much fun!! If you have any specific questions just ask!!! If you want to see more pics send me a private message : ) best of luck ladies - seriously dont worry about a thing - this resort is absolutely perfect and Cecilia is the best!!! I am SO happy with everything!!
  4. The day has come - we leave tomorrow morning!! Our wedding is saturday october 20!! We are having 35 guests : ) I will fill you guys in on how everything goes : ) Thanks to everyone for al of your help in planning this event!!!
  5. Hi ladies! Our wedding is coming up - October 20!!!! Just a few questions.. -for those doing the ceremony on the beach - what setup are you using? any special decorations? -are you making a seating chart for your guests? we have around 35 people. How many people per table are you doing? -are you planning on printing copies of your menu to take to place at the tables? -what kind of things are you putting in the OOT bags? where are you buying them? -we are looking to buy maracas to put on the tables - any ideas on affordable options?? Thanks!!! : )
  6. who did that?!?! it is adorable!!! we have two dogs as well and I think that would be really cute for the cake!!!!
  7. good luck!!!! let us know how you like the hair and makeup from the spa!!!!! congrats : )
  8. Hello everyone!! I will be getting married here October 20, 2012!! What are you all doing (or did you do) for hair and makeup? Did you use the Spa Staff or an outside vendor? Cecilia recommended 2 outside vendors.. 1. Adian from the Styling Trio 2. Melissa from MVP hair and makeup Does anyone have any experience with these stylists or opinions?? THANKS : )
  9. Hi ladies! I am getting married October 20!! We are doing the ultimate package - ceremony on beach and reception at gazebo terrace. We are using Juan and the resort DJ (Ismael Rojas - anyone heard of him??). I also got an outside company to come in (at no extra charge) called LOVE THE BOOTH - they do the fun photobooth pictures for a few hours at the reception. I also have Juan booked for a few days after the wedding for a trash the dress session - anyone have any opinions on this??? How are you ladies planning on wearing your hair?!?! I would like to do a half up but i am wondering with the wind and heat if I should just have it ALL up?? WHAT DO YOU THINK?? THANKS : )
  10. Amberh - I have been in touch w/ Juan but I have made changes to the package so he basically just said to work out the pricing with Cecilia. But I have been in touch with him asking questions and stuff. We are having a big reception but I know that if you are having a smaller party.. just making reservations in a restaurant is a GREAT idea!!! I feel so silly paying EXTRA for all this food and drinks when we are at an all inclusive place like this!! Lola - what time are you having your ceremony and stuff? We are at 430. Wondering what time people are doing it that time of year - want to make sure we have enough time for pictures in daylight and such.. ckrn - I have just heard that the hotel DJ are fun and do a great job - I really haven't heard an exact review on Ismael. Anyone use the resort DJ??
  11. Where is everyone having their cocktail hour? We are doing our ceremony on the beach and our reception on gazebo terrace.. I am just not sure where to do the cocktail hour? Any suggestions??? We have booked Juan Navarro and the DJ from the hotel - Ismael? Has anyone used either of these people???? I am also wondering about feedback from the salon for hair and makeup!! Any thoughts? THANKS : )
  12. Does anyone have any pictures of setups of the different reception sites?
  13. YOUR wedding is at this resort and if people chose to stay somewhere else that it is up to them to pay for their own day pass! Just include somewhere in the invitation or whatever that for those not staying at SMB, there will be a $100 for a day guest pass. I did this with my guests and I have 100% of them staying at SMB!!! I don't think you should have to pay for anyone's day pass - you are paying for enough already!
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