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  1. Nurse pin I understand completely I had those same questions! Here is my opinion.... 1. I didn't do the cocktail hour and it isn't necessary the guests can go into the club behind the gazeebo for refreshments and snacks. We didn't even have to tell them where to go. Also many of our guests ( we had 84) stayed at the gazeebo taking pictures which I recommend. It is beautiful. So do not worry about the cocktail hour. 2. The hair is 50.00 and the make up is 50.00. The ladies at the salon are very good and have a lot of experience. If you have a package the hair and makeup are included. You will also recieve a discount on all of your other services + a couples massaage which is worth it. I do recommend getting a trial before your wedding at least for your hair. It will help relieve a lot of stress. The spa staff is excellent and super friendly! 3. We used the dj and the light up dance floor it was 699.00 for the whole night (that is if your reception is longer there is no extra charge for the floor). We loved the dj that worked with us. He was really professional and sat down with us to discuss the music we wanted for everything and everyone really loved it. Te dance floor also was amazing. We had our reception on the Caribe beach at night and because it is dark there the dance floor helped to light the reception. Plus all the kids and drunk people loved it lol! 4. Adventure photography is great! We used them and upgraded to the full day package for 999.00. It was worth it. They captured the whole day and were super friendly. It was easy to work with them because they are at the resort all the time and can answer all of your questions. I posted my pictures above if you want to take a look at them. Overall, we were so happy with the wedding and even though there was stress at the end of the day seeing our guests having fun, celebrating in a beautiful location and marrying the person of your dreams it's just all worth it! Just trust your planner she will take care of the details once you get there!
  2. Hey Ladies, I just returned from my wedding a few days ago. It was absolutely fabulous! I am going to post a few pictures and a review here later but for now here is the link to my slideshow. We ended up going with Adventure photos with the resort. They did a great job. http://beltranwedding.dreamsresortcancun.adventurephotos.com.mx/ Let me know too if you have any questions. I'd be happy to answer them!
  3. Mrsmascarenas you can get the prices through the website for the dreams. It has all the packages with prices and all the extras! One thing i found is that th are always things that are extras so make sure when you add costs that you add in everything extra that you want with the tax! Happy planning! It is a great experience working with the ladies at the resort and they usually answer within a week! You can always call too if you really want to talk to somone ! I am leaving tomorrow (my wedding is Saturday) when i return i will post reviews and pictures for you all!
  4. I guess I am next to get married! This Saturday! I will keep you all updated with pictures when I return!
  5. Hey ladies! Quick question! Has anyone done the civil ceremony? If so did you like it or not? Cecilia sent me the script but it worries me that the English version has söööö many mistakes
  6. Hey Ladies, I am 36 days away and cant wait! I have been planning for so long and I cant believe its almost my time (February 23) !! Time Flies and I am so happy I have had this site for support and to ask questions and talk to other Dreams Brides!!!
  7. Beach Wed- you look stunning in your bridal pictures! What time was your wedding and reception?
  8. it's so sweet you are doing that... I am not good at wording but I think it might be nice to put it on the bottom of the program saying something like "Our hearts are overflowing with all the love that our family and friends have shown us. Words cannot express our gratitude. Having you in our lives is the best gift in the world"
  9. Sorry typing on my iPad, I meant to ask if people who used the caribe beach liked it and to tell me a little bit of your opinion/ share somse photos for me? Thanks ladies
  10. Hey ladies I just wanted to ask brides who used the caribe beach aforementioned there ceremony how they liked it? I ally wanted to have our reception on hi Utah but our party is a little big. I am a little nervous on the distance from the water and just wanted to hear ladies opinions that used that location <3
  11. Happy New Year ladies! Can't believe it's finally our year! I have a questions for you all.... 1) do you have to pay for the rehearsal or is that part of the package? When does it usually take place?
  12. I think I am going to put a white lily in my hair. I want to wear my hair in a lose side bun.
  13. I have a question for the ladies that have been married here!! If you bring your own photographer is it possible to avoid the vendors fee? (if you pay for them to stay at the hotel)? Thanks ladies for all the support!
  14. Another question for the ladies. If we bring in a photographer from outside and we pay for him to stay at the hotel does anyone know if we still need to pay a vendors fee?
  15. Hey ladies, I hope someone can help me! I am in the process of working on finding a photographer! think I am going to go with Juan Navarro, but because the resort wants to charge me a vendors fee I wanted to check to see what everyone's feelings were on the photographer at the resort as well? Has anyone used them? Can you get a bigger package? If so does anyone know how does the add on cost and what do you get? Thanks ladies!
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