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  1. I had the eternity package and it came with a sound system during the ceremony. I had songs on my Ipod that I wanted them to uses so Ramon had me make a list for the order and they took care if it. You really only need 3 songs. One for your bridesmaids, one for you, and then one for the end when you walk out. I had some extras to play while people were arriving but I guess they only got through about 2 of them. I had the same problem choosing food so I finally just guessed and it was awesome. We had the fried chicken salad. which was not what I imagined it to be. it was little chunks of awesomely flavored chicken wrapped in a cucumber peel for presentation. I loved the flavor. everyone did. Then we had the tamato soup... which I could have done with out. A lot of my guests liked it tho. (thats the one thing I would maybe change) then we had the chicken supreme, It was awesome! We had cheesecake which even the people who usually don't like cheesecake loved. I chose the tres leches cake which people couldnt stop talking about... except my husband, he didn't love it. The chairs some with a white banquet cover. I purchased my own chair bows to bring a long because they were like 4 dollars a piece cheaper then the ones they have. I got them through chaircoverfactory.com but its pretty without them too. I just felt I needed a little more because I didn't do much with flowers.
  2. Oh, and I already was perferred so I just asked that I had the best possibly view. We were on the top level on the corner with ocean as far as the eyes could see.
  3. I don't know about everyone else, but back home there's no way I could afford have had the kind of wedding where you are SERVED hors' doevres, drinks and a full course meal from awesome waiters and where I don't have to lift a finger to set up the ceremony or reception. It was amazing.
  4. I think they watched the whole ceremony, but i stopped paying attention to them. Our wedding started at 4. The flowers were through the resort. I Had a picture and a idea of what I wanted so I payed to upgrade my bouquet. Ramon was our planner. He was awesome. We had a meeting with him the day after we got there. He just kinda took care of everything. I was very relaxed and had an awesome time. I layed by the beach until about 1:30 and hair my hair done at 2. Then they brought golf cart to get me, my bridesmaids and my son. It was a great expierence. I know everyone says this but you will worry like crazy until you get there... then its just easy. it really is
  5. We did have to pay per hour for the sound system. its included for the wedding but he cut us a deal for the reception. The music would be plenty loud for dancing. We did have a few people dance for a song (drink induced). The eternity package come with 24 free photos on a disk. We ended up with about 45 pictures more that we wanted so we purchased a package for around 500 dollars. I think... maybe it was four. (my husband payed the bill without me so i forgot the price.) the package we bought includes a book with your pics in it. I wish I could remember the price.. I'll try and ask him when he gets home.
  6. We did not use a dj. We arent big dancers so we just hooked our ipod up to the sound system for background music. The spa did do my hair and make-up. I took a picture of what i wanted and it turned out fairly close. I was pretty happy with it all.
  7. It was more then I ever thought it was going to be. We went the the eternity package because we didnt really think we needed the extras included in the devine. ( we are also doing a reception back home) I worried that it wouldnt be enough but it was great. The food was the best I had the whole trip ( which I didn't have one bad meal). The servers were so attentive. We had our reception on the beach terrace and the wedding was on the beach right in front of it( which is right by the pool). We had a lot of on-lookers during the ceremony but didn't really notice after awhile. I guess thats to be expected, but we were left alone during the reception as it got too chilly and dark for people to be at the pool. Ramon was so sweet and helpful. He did a great job. If there are any questions about the resort photographer and how good they are.. here is my slide show http://112011corytayshawedd.nowsapphire.adventurephotos.com.mx/
  8. How exciting! We will be there about a month after you. Lucky you, an extra day! Too bad it will cost you... are you planning on using the resorts photographers?
  9. good point, its so hard to make a choice for everyone. I was wondering if we could mix hot and cold hors d'oeuvres , I'm glad we can. When is your wedding, magirl?
  10. is anyone going with the Now to Eternity package? Im having a hard time choosing from the menu for the reception. Any input?
  11. Hello! I'm getting married at Sapphire this December. Is anyone else doing the Enternity package? I'm having a hard time choosing from the menu! Anyone has any thoughts?
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