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  1. Hi Melissa - The sashes were $10 each and the table runners were $12 each. I originally wanted one long big table but we had too many people (50) for it to fit with the dance floor in that space.
  2. There's two of the pictures of the table set up during the day that my coordinator sent, it should give you an idea of what the tiffany blue really looks like when everything is set up.
  3. I decided against the blue sashes for the ceremony and only used them during the reception - I thought it may be a bit too much/ tacky for my taste to have them on the chairs during the ceremony and wanted to keep things simple and clean. They moved the chairs upstairs and put the sashes on for the ceremony in the tiffany blue. We used white table clothes and used a tiffany blue table runner on the tables for a little bit of color (they were perfect, I will have to post pictures soon). The shades were the same. The wedding day couldn't have been more perfect, it rained before the ceremony and right after and the staff moved the chairs in and out from the terrace 3x to make it work - nothing was wet at the end and you couldn't even tell it had rained, they cleaned everything off and made it PERFECT. I can't believe all of their hard work, it all went off without a hitch and everything from Le Blanc and Lily from Zuniga was exactly as they had said - their pictures were spot on with what they delivered and what I requested happened. I will write a longer review & post later with pictures. It was the best few days with all of our family & friends there, it all just seems like a dream now!
  4. Margot - SO happy to hear your review on the weather, I will not worry until I get down there and look at the sky everyday to see what it will be like, not trusting my weather app which now just says RAIN RAIN RAIN. To those asking - everything is customizable (for a price!). I got the complimentary package and did all my upgrades from there - white cushioned chairs, flowers I wanted for the table (make sure you specify EVERYTHING you want for the ceremony or you will end up with some weird flowers or vases you dont want, so I hear, because they are included). For the reception we did the same chairs, but added sashes to them in tiffany blue. also did tiffany blue table runners - everything else i used the white linens. The centerpieces are also customizable, you just have to specify with Zuniga (the company they used for mine) what you want - I sent lots of pictures of what I wanted it to look like, hopefully it will come out like I imagine!
  5. My wedding isn't until next week, but I have to put my two cents in on the wonderful Wendy Hicks. The reviews on here are all true...she is EXTREMELY helpful. My wedding will have 50 people total and booked almost all of the guests (a couple chose to stay at a different resort). We had guests cancelling, last minute guests booking the week before the wedding, and my fiance and I decided we didn't want to room together until the wedding night so our room count changed every night making everything very confusing. Wendy handled it all without ever an issue and was very prompt in getting back to us every single day, even weekends!!! I sent her an email one Sunday afternoon and she called right after to answer my Mom and I's questions. She made the booking process seamless and stress-free for myself and my family. In addition, she KNOWS Mexico and KNOWS Le Blanc Spa Resort. It was comforting knowing she has booked several of these at the resort, visited, and knows how to work with the staff there. Also the contract with her is the same as it is if you were to book with Palace Resorts, which I'm VERY glad I didn't do. I cannot say enough good things about her. In addition, she was in California and we were on the East Coast and it was never an issue. Don't think twice about using her! PM me if you have any questions. -Molly
  6. med2012

    LeBlanc 2013

    Hi Amber - I guess I need to correct my profile information, I'm actually getting married next Friday (20th). I will definitely show you pictures when we return!
  7. Margot - wow, so great to hear your review!! How was the weather? I learned in February that checking the weather apps were not accurate, but now it is making me nervous. Did you get any rain? My wedding is Friday (20th) at 6pm in the Gazebo too and I have Diana - glad to hear everything went smoothly!
  8. med2012

    LeBlanc 2013

    Just to add my two cents and play devil's advocate, I am getting married at the Gazebo, saw it in person, and still wanted to get married there. I wanted a beach wedding, but wasn't a "feet in the sand" type of bride, so the Gazebo really was the best option for me. The view is still breathtaking, and the pictures will be gorgeous. The aisle is very small since it backs up to a wall, but depending on how many people you have coming, it's not a problem. I have 50 (39 sitting for the ceremony) and they are making it work with no issues. I have pictures of all angles and videos walking up to the gazebo from when I visited, pm me if you are considering the Gazebo and want to see.
  9. Hi Melissa - As far as the menus go, anything is a go from it for the buffets, then there is also a plated menu (separate from the buffet menu) where you pick from, but it can only be used in the ballroom or outside on the terrace, not any of the other spaces. If you pick different vendors outside the resort, there is a $500 fee for each (if you haven't written it into your contract prior).
  10. Hi Amber, They are probably giving you a little bit of the cold shoulder since your wedding is "so far out." Technically they don't work with you until 3 months before. I got little information except picking my locations/ times and some other standard things before the 3 month mark, and really had to push. Call them if they don't answer emails. Hassle them until they reply. Strange that Cancun is the new process...they told me 3 months before or 1 month before I would start engaging with the onsite wedding coordinator and everything before that would be through Palace Resorts. I dealt with Yesenia and Silvia at the end. I chose the Gazebo and Terrace (rooftop). I visited the resort and got to see all the spots in person, so let me know if you have any questions. The gazebo is absolutely beautiful and exactly what I was looking for since I didn't want to get married directly on the beach. For vendor pricing for flowers, decorations, etc - it's expensive! I didn't start doing any of that until 3 months before but I had saved pictures of everything I wanted and sent them the list so they could start the price quote. We went back and forth on ways to reduce the pricing, but have everything lined up before. I didn't use the onsite photographer, but I do have a music pricing list if you want to see?
  11. DJ Mannia and Elizabeth Medina for photography. My wedding planner on site is Diana.
  12. For my photographer I only have to pay a day pass because I had her booked before signing the contract and approved it with Palace Resorts. They are trying to book me $500 for the DJ, which I had no idea they would do at the time I signed the contract. They obviously have changed the rules...
  13. You actually can do a plated dinner upstairs on the Terrace outside, but that is the only outside venue that allows it.
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