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  1. Thanks! I like the thank you card idea to go along with the cash. I'll do that. Thanks again!
  2. Hi On-Board Cruise Ship Brides!! I'm getting married on board the Carnival Valor in less than 2 weeks and I'm wondering about gratuity. I know that Carnival automatically takes approx $11-$12 per day for normal sailing guests But what about tipping for the wedding services....should I be tipping the DJ, Salon Staff, Officiant, Wedding Coordinator????? Do I need to do this?? If so, when? At the end of the cruise? Any advice would help! THANKS!!
  3. That's a good idea to have it steamed in Florida. I thought about getting a travel steamer...I was worried it might take up too much room in my suitcase. Where did you buy yours? Thanks!
  4. I'm sailing on the Carnival Valor and I am told that they don't offer steaming services for my wedding gown. I'm worried my gown will be creased from traveling.....any brides have this issue??? What did you do??
  5. Btw did you use the photographer on the ship? Were you able to get off the ship and take pictures with your bridal party? I'm just wondering about the flow of the day and I don't really want all my photos to be on the ship. Any info would help! Thanks:)
  6. Wow....they all look so good! Very classy....I love the vest look! Thanks for sharing...it's definitely helping me get some ideas.
  7. I like that color...it looks really good! I'm thinking I may incorporate a suit vest with no suit jacket. Still undecided though...
  8. I bought my bridesmaids convertible dresses and they are soooo excited about them! There are so many styles to choose from that it works for the various body types. The price is not bad, the fabric is great for a hot location, and best of all it can be worn again!
  9. Hi Mommaofdbride Congrats to your daughter!! I sail Oct 27th and the wedding is Oct 30th. Yes I was hoping Irae would post some details. I'm just interested to know how the flow of the day went and in particular the photos and timing! LV
  10. We are getting married on the cruise ship not the beach and I have no idea what my fiance or groomsmen should wear? My girls are in grey dresses and the colors are grey/orange/white/black themed....we are getting married the day before Halloween. So I want to incorporate the grey into the guy's attire but not sure. I don't want them to be too hot but since the ceremony isn't on the beach I don't want it to look to casual. Ideas please??!!!
  11. Wow 780chick, that's a great price! I live in Canada but I got mine from Henkaa. I ordered them in Charcoal Grey....each dress was $128 CAD plus shipping and tax. They arrived yesterday and they are perfect!! My bridesmaids are sooo happy about them! http://shop.henkaa.com/collections/convertible-dresses-short/products/sakura-convertible-short-dress-charcoal-grey
  12. Hi Irae! Congrats on your wedding!! I have booked my wedding for Oct 2012 on the Carnival Valor. Can you let me know how it went? Any tips? I have decided to do the ceremony on the ship with a 2hr reception after but they can't provide me with the timing until about 2 weeks before. I am most concerned about the timing and how much b/w ceremony and reception for photos? And if the wedding party will have time then to take pictures off the ship? How does the dinner timing work out? Any input would help! Thanks:) Lyndsay Victoria
  13. What a great idea! I'll be getting married on Halloween and I'm looking for ideas that aren't too tacky but still fun...the masks are perfect!
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