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  1. Hey Fleetmac! Thanks so much for all the info. When you say rooms 3 have the best view, do you mean floors #3 and up?
  2. This is NOT RIGHT that they are telling everyone different numbers for the gazebo. They have confirmed my gazebo rental and certainly don't have 45 people. I think that the more that we ask and re-ask, the more likely that they will tell us NO. I am just going to bring my emails down there that say that it is confirmed. If they don't let me have it, I'm sure going to kick up a stink about it!
  3. What is in the mixed grill at the grill restaurant? We have a menu list but it doesn't seem to be so complete. I wonder why I've heard 2 people mention to avoid the cesar salad. It seems like it would be very difficult to mess up a cesar salad. Doe it have anchovies or something? Smell fishy? On our menu, the cesar salad is only offered at the grill and not at the italian restaurant. How was the tiramisu? Has anyone had the caprese salad? Also, does anyone know if the standart cake is one or two layers? They indicate that you can purchase an extra layer and I'm wondering if that would make 2 or 3 layers with the extra one.
  4. Has anyone figured out the best place to order personalized stadium cups (approximately 35?) Thanks
  5. Hey Ladies, This is totally off topic but I need help with the menu thing. Do all of the guests need to eat the same choices? Could any of you newly married ladies tell me if you particularly liked a dish at the restaurant or if really didn't like something in particular? I still have to choose between the Italian restaurant and the Grill. Thanks for your help!
  6. Hey Tekeya, Which salad and dessert did you get at the Dolce Vita? How far before the wedding did they confirm the restaurant and menu for you? I'm hoping to make menu cards. How far in advance did she confirm the gazebo party? Thanks!
  7. What are you guys looking at for your overall budget including your trip there, rings, honeymoon (if you're having one), dress, reception... EVERYTHING. Just wondered if I'm on track!!! Everything really adds up!
  8. Hi Espejo2be! I was wondering if you had any problems getting those blue flowers? What were they called and where did you get them from? Thanks!!!
  9. At least you got a reply! I emailed on Sunday and I haven't heard anything!
  10. On average, how long is it taking Chandlyn to get back to you guys lately by email???
  11. WOW! I'm so glad that I asked about this cake question! I am so sorry that your cake didn't turn out for either of you! I'm definitely going to ask for a smooth cake with flowers and see if they can do it! Tekeya it would be great if you could post the pic of the 3 options. Every time that I email these wedding coordinators, I feel like i'm pulling teeth to get an answer to anything!
  12. Does anyone have a picture of the wedding cake supplied by the hotel? Has anyone dared to have the hotel make a cake resembling a picture that you have supplied? Any pictures would be fantastic! I'm a bit leary of getting them to do something out of the ordinary.
  13. Hey Temandrob - did you have any runner-up photographers? I'm Merrick is my #1 choice at this point but it is HARD to compare when you've seen so many! I just want to make sure that I'm choosing the best one for me!
  14. Hello Jamaicabride21! How did you feel about Merrick's final pictures??
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