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  1. Omg! I think one-stopos and babyonline are the same seller. Look at Roxy 6997's pictures and mine: the mannequin is the same! Unless they all use mannequins labelled (8 XIN LAI) One-stopos was more expensive? Maybe the seller is the same but they commision it from different factories. they
  2. I know...I had the same problem with One-Stopos. I wanted to send it back for alterations but they refused to pay shipping. Shipping (as with any service cost eg alterations etc) costs alot of money- with that money I might've as well made another dress. Their terms and conditions said that they'd pay the shipping- but really they would only pay one way shipping from China to back where you are. Hopefully babyonline would be nicer and pay for the return shipping cost If that fails, I'd go for reimbursement for local alteration costs--- have you brought it to a seamstress for a quote yet? And then scan/email the quote and tell them how much it'd cost....I imagine it'd be over and above the maximum they'd want to pay, but at least you'd recover some of the cost. And then either 1. get it let out by seamstress. 2. try a different gown-maker (jasmine's or dressilyme sounds good to me).
  3. That is true- businesses are always competitive and things always come up to fill the void. I guess I'm somewhat surprised that China brides are paying such similar amounts as us online gown-buyers, and yet the Suzhou gownmakers are willing to do business with the online market, spending so much time in a typically anxiety-ridden(difficult?) communication process, and charge really similar amounts. I'm surprised that they're not charging more? Maybe it is too competitive (too many Suzhou gownmakers) that they're are better off doing business online/overseas. Maybe?
  4. The dress is GORGEOUS. I agree- if possible ask them to remove the sash, or replace it with a simpler sash-- the contrasting textures (beads on sash, lace on gown) seems a bit too much? Now bear in mind Babyonline and all the wedding gown makers are in Suzhou and Chinese brides flock there to buy gowns, and expect to pay about the same amount as you're paying-- up to 1500-2000 yuan for a gown with this level of detail. (which is approx 230-330 USD)- and is considered really REALLY cheap compared to the rest of China. And to be honest, after reading all the Chinese reviews, I'm reasonably certain that Chinese girls are less fussy- they typically go to Suzhou in 1 day, and buy 3 to 4 gowns in a row (chinese weddings require the bride to almost be a fashion show)- get the gown altered within the same day. So the turnover is a lot higher- they spend more quickly than online buyers I think. The fact that these sellers are so patiently helping you customize the gowns like this is really very nice of them. See here for reviews of buying Suzhou wedding gowns. http://marry.mplife.com/registry/planning/100307/36213977906.shtml http://www.xixun.cn/news-detail/nid-119/
  5. http://www.facebook.com/media/albums/?id=134074349988216 Jasmine's Bridal Shop actual dresses. http://www.facebook.com/pages/DressilyMe/191139167413?sk=photos Dressilyme facebook actual dresses
  6. Have any of you considered dressilyme? I don't know now it seems like Babyonline is are taking lots of business, and I think Babyonline's customer service is suffering because they're taking on too much. I also remembered Bonnie saying somewhere that Gianinar can be inconsistent- there have been instances where they screwed up- although by and large they do well. Blackkinu had her dress made by Dressilyme and loved it. They have a facebook page with previous dresses.Don't forget Jasmine's Bridal as well (also with previous customers dresses on facebook)... pretty amazing when you remember that facebook is government-banned in China.
  7. KrystaRyan the dress looks lovely! Good luck Joanne, I'm sure the dress will be fine. I'm wondering if Babyonline has been coping well with the influx of orders, maybe they are having trouble coping with detailed orders because so many brides are ordering from them. In any case giving a dummy tracking number seems to be common: monica bridal does it, so did my seller One-Stopos. I think they do that to avoid getting into trouble with DHgate-- because if dhgate stipulates that they must send an item by, say, 15 days they must send a tracking number by Day 15.
  8. Thank you Bride 2012 and Joanne!! I do appreciate this. Especially after feeling bad about if after Skype-showing it to mum and dad- they were pretty negative about it, but probably because they're scared bout buying stuff online. Mum and dad are in Malaysia, I'm in Australia, and the dress is from Suzhou, Shanghai. this is globalization! I'll probably do what Gracie recommended- lower the neckline a little or change it to sweetheart. Thank you girls!
  9. Wthoms, do you mean One-Stopos? I didnt have a lot of trouble dealing with them. Do you have a large time difference with them? Check their local time (they're in Suzhou, the chinese bridal down, near Shanghai). I usually send them messages and they get back to me in 24 hours, although I do think Babyonline is friendlier, as I've chatted with them as well. The person I dealt with called him/herself R. They arent as detailed as Babyonline though, they don't take other measurements like neck to waist etc (which is probably why my dress neckline was too high). Yeah they did charge me pretty quickly (5 hours?) after I made my order. Have you escalated your case to DHGate yet?
  10. Gracie thank you for your sweet comments! I do appreciate the positive feedback I looved your dress too- it was gorgeous! Bonnie your brutal honesty is precisely why your presence in this thread is so great! And I think your pink dress was simply awesome- fun and sophisticated! I'll be having a big fat Chinese wedding back home in Malaysia with 500 guests (grandfather had 3 wives and was very....productive- this was pre-contraception days before 1950s. 27 kids and 2 generations later = HUGE family, all of whom we'll invite. Big fat chinese wedding= big fat ball gown. It's probably necessary to look like that on-stage, where the dress and I'll be a bit of a show hahahaha... Although as ball gowns go I think this relatively simple, so won't be toooo much of a show. Although I am definitely leaning towards getting a soft chiffon A-line dress for the pre-wedding photos... Likely through Babyonline.
  11. One-Stopos (dhgate seller) got my dress measurements wrong (which was a little disappointing)- I will now have to pay a seamstress to hem it. Luckily I'm not far from a US size 4, and for this particular gown it doesnt matter what the hip measurement is, so it fits pretty well. It has a very thick satin underlayer (two satin layers stictched together) but the outer taffeta layer is rather thin. I've posted this picture in the last post. It did have 9 bones though, and is well structured inside. I'd recommend Babyonline over One-Stopos based on what I've heard about Babyonline.
  12. Now I'm not sure why best destination weddings doesnt let me reply, but I'm lleow and lleow 2 from before who was asking Bonnie about the number of bones. I can't post thru my previous accounts cos apparently i'm not activated yet. I promised to post pictures of my dress from One-Stopos (thru DHGate). They mistakenly made it a US size 4, although I gave custom measurements. they're only reimbursing me $45 though--fingers crossed they'll actually pay it. It'll cost me at least $70-90 to hem (alteration costs in Australia are pretty high) Here it is! Can you lovely ladies give me honest feedback on it-? 1. is it overwhelming on my frame, and 2. does it give me a weird boob-sticking out problem? My sister (who's only seem pictures of me wearing it) says its overwhelming, and it gives me a 45 degree monoboob. She says i should try on other gown types which might suit my body better. Sheath? Slim a-line? But I do like ballgowns. The bow is lopsided on the backview picture- but I might remove it altogether because they somehow stitched it to the side, and its floppy.
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