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  1. we did use the dj,, i sent a klist of songs he did play them and some of his own. youll be ok! if u want him to play a song that night that he didnt yet, just have someone go ask him and he will Good choice getting the DJ, one less thing to worry about! hes good!!
  2. Thaks! It was Truly Magical! I can post some pics forsure!! im just not sure where i can post them? on this thread? or somwhere els.? as for a full review! The day will go as you planned and better! All the girls that have posted full reviews, that ive read, are exactly what it is, remember nothings perfect! i didnt read alot of reviwes before because i wanted it to be a surprise! I knew the jist of it! but we also never got married on the island, we were married in a church down town PV. Our Lady Of Guadalupe.Again Just make decision and STICK to them!! and everything will fall into
  3. mother son. garder toss song. bouquette toss. just pick the songs you want and they will let you know when your going to be doing them! dont worry about planning this! they do it alll!!
  4. thanks!! you should be very excited!! We paid threw Visa. Even though you may not have this limit on your visa card, the bank can call visa and put the amount on the card! easy!
  5. Hola Ladies!! I am Back and a married Women!! I really dont know where to begin!! Im going to keep it short and if you have any questions just ask!! One word.......indiscribable........Seriously, you have to see it for yourself! Apsolutley no complaits!! Dont stess out! (too much) i know it can be stressful planning a wedding. but just keep in mind WHY you are doing this!! to marry that special somone!! stay humble about it! Bridezillas are not pretty!! Blanca is such a sweetie! they organize everything on the wedding day! you dont have to even look at the time!! We got married in Our
  6. Hi i dont need it anymore but thanks though!! Yes 3 weeks friday and we leave for mexcio!! Blanca is great!!! so helpful!! No we leave november 9th to come home!
  7. hey Girls! I also Spoke to Blanca she is Awesome!! She also has been so on top of emails and never before was it like this ,its actually overwheling how many question we both have for eachother, because nothing was really set in stone before!and considering our wedidng is 5 weeks away!!! im wondering what that booklet is that she sent you, i would love to see it:). she never sent it to me yet. She has done even called the church we are getting married in to arrange rehursal and everything and said she will try and sent one of her crew out to the church to make sure things will run smoothy
  8. i am able to click the wesite and i am able to type in the password, but when it loads to open the picture file, nothin is there??
  9. hey! I cant seem to open this files? i typed in the password and nothing? and when i try to exit and start over it dosnt give me the option to enter the password?
  10. hey Girls! I just spoke to someone at Caletas and he said we will all get contacted very soon! So we'll see.....
  11. Hey Ladies!! Time is flying!! Anyone have new pictures yet?? And new details at LC we should know about? Adios! Sam:)
  12. hola! I booked my hotel n flight package more than a year prior to the wedding. when i first went to the travel agent it was 1350 a person for dreams that far a head! i waited and lost it!! that was a great deal!! I ended up getting it for 1485 a person, so i jumped on it. and plus our travel agency will price match if the price goes down from when we booked unitll 30 days before we leave!! So id say book it! take the chance its still a great deal for booking far ahead! and once you book it, you will feel better! i didnt even send our save the dates. just mailed everyone pics and info about
  13. hello,, How do you know there is a fiesta night at the resort? Do they have it once a week for all the guest to see? and this is at Dreams PV? Thanks!
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