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  1. So after searching for destinations ALL OVER the Caribbean we decided on Playa del Carmen after we saw pictures of Kool Beach Club and some TTD in a cenote. However, now that we're putting all the costs together and everything it's becoming overwhelming and scary, since we're not planning on traveling down before the wedding. Has anybody had their reception at Kool Beach Club and used Maria Tripaldi (from weddingsinplaya.com) as their wedding planner?? If so could you tell me your opinions with her and how it turned out. Also anybody have pictures of their wedding done by Maria?? After talking to a couple of planners we think we narrowed it down to her but would like some reassurance. Also, if you had your wedding/reception in Kool... did you use the place the whole time? Did you have an open bar the whole night? We found the drinks to be the most costly and we would like to see if there's any way to cut the price down without having to shorten the party just because of the cost of the drinks. GREATLY appreciate all you help!! Thanks!!
  2. I'm sooo glad to hear all those good things about Kool and their food!! We've never been there so we're a little scared about making this decision by a word description. Anyways, we're looking to get married there in May 2012, but were wondering if you think a private wedding planner is necessary. We have contacted a couple but never thought they would be so expensive. We are trying to cut our costs in what ever we can so we were thinking if it is good enough to use the planner that Kool provides. Since some of you have already gotten married or have gotten further through the process then me, do you guys recommend us really getting another wedding planner? If so, which one do you recommend? Any input would be greatly appreciated!!
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