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  1. Well I had my mom take the bouquets and set everything up before the rest of the group arrived, no one really paid attention. I had my parents and parents in law bring some things so we didn't have to worry about everything, so it wasn't a huge deal. I'm pretty sure the resort rents vases and I think they would place the flowers for you, but I'm sure it's a ridiculous cost!
  2. That's so sad My dress was so lightweight and even that felt ridiculously heavy once it got wet, I can't even imagine what the bigger & heavier dresses must feel like.
  3. Hey! Yeah, I didn't care too much about centerpieces so for my main centerpiece (which you don't see in the pic) we used the bridesmaids bouquets, which were just fuchsia roses, in vases we brought down and tied raffia and a starfish around. They looked really nice on the table and it was good to be able to use them for something else. The table number was a picture frame from michaels that had little shells in it. It was actually supposed to have these photo numbers in them but I forgot them at home so we had to improvise and make new numbers on the fuchsia paper that I had on hand- not exactly what I wanted, but oh well. We did maracas for favors (The guests LOVED those- they were cheap and I put little sayings on them, that I found from another bride, that read "Instead of tapping on your glass, here's a system with Mexican class. Stand and shake with all your might, to see the groom kiss his bride tonight." My mom made little bags with pink jelly beans and white jordan almonds (those are the little candy favors you see). Our menus that I made are what have the pink ribbon around it- they are rolled up and my mom made these little net/ starfish ribbon things- hard to explain, i'll post a pic. And yes, we had starfish on the tables along with a few candle votives on each table. I already had too much to bring down so I didn't want any big centerpieces, so it worked out really well what we had. Oh and we also had these little disposable cameras on each table for the guests to take random pictures with, everyone had a blast with that! Here are some photos so you can get a better idea. This is after the fact, so they look a little beat up, but you get the idea. The vases that held the roses The little net that was tied around the menus the little baggies that had the jelly beans & jordan almonds The cameras that were on each table! Hope this helps!
  4. jnitschke, Here are some photos of tucanes that I promised. It can give you a rough idea of what the space is like. Sorry it took so long to put up! oh and here is one of the entrance on a different day, to give you an idea... let me know if there is anything else I can help with!
  5. Yes I had my lanterns lit with these little LED lights & batteries. Here's a link to the DIY project website that has numerous options for lighting lanterns- mine was obviously the LED lights one. http://www.projectwedding.com/wedding-ideas/diy-wedding-challenge-2010-lighting-paper-lanterns/ . I bought Irregular ribbed lanterns from paperlanternstore.com- I had a total of 42 lanterns (10- 10", 14-12", 12- 16" and 6- 32") in 3 different colors. It cost me exactly 99.76 for all of them and if you spend over 99$ they give you free shipping. EDR charged 150 to set them up and that actually ended up including the assembly of the lights. I was going to assemble the lights a couple of days before the wedding but ran out of time and they did it for me. I slyly placed the lights, batteries, and tape in my suitcase that I handed over to them and they found me to ask what it was so I showed them how to assemble them and they just did it. Lol. Hey, you have to save time and money any way you can! I do have more pictures of Tucanes, I will post them in a separate post. I love your peacock feather accents! Those are awesome. But yeah, it really is tough trying to balance what you want with a budget. Not to mention the hurdle of getting everything to the resort... inspiration was my biggest problem too. Just when I thought I was done and happy with what I had, I would see another idea. It never stopped until I actually left for mexico. I even had projects that I was working on when I got there. So yeah, I definitely understand!
  6. Gazebo 55 Is incredible! I really wanted to be right on the sand by the ocean as well but I hated the idea of the sandbags in my wedding photos! So we went with 55 and it just looks so good in pics! Here are a few more photos so you can get an idea what the area looks like. Hope this helps
  7. Photos continued..... These are just a few of the hundreds of pics we got! Unless you have someone coming with you to take photos for free, Citlalli is definitely worth the cost. Unfortunately Claudia Photo is no longer one of the EDR approved vendors, though, so the $800 extra might sting a bit. But who knows, they may be able to work out a deal with you as far as negotiating rates.
  8. Ladies! So It has been two months since the wedding- I can't believe how the time flew.... it feels like it just happened yesterday. But we actually moved to Florida a few weeks after the wedding so I haven't had a chance to write a review or anything yet, but I fully intend to as soon as things settle down a little more with work. What I do want to say is that El Dorado Royale was absolutely amazing- we had such a wonderful time. On the other hand, my experience with the onsite coordinators was TERRIBLE! Like Nikki, I also had Martha and honestly, because of her, I almost regret having my wedding at EDR. I think she just made things way way wayyyy more stressful than they should have been but I will definitely leave a detailed review asap! But one piece of advice that I wish I had followed, DON'T OVERDO IT! Both Gazebo 55 and Tucanes are gorgeous on their own- you honestly don't need too much decoration, etc. I think I went wayyyy over the top with trying to personalize everything and I just had a million DIY projects, and so much stuff to set up. My mom refused to let me pay for them to set everything up (besides the lanterns at tucanes & sheers on the gazebo) so she offered to set up herself, and lets just say, it took FOREVER (even with other people helping) and it was a lot of stress on her. So just try to keep it simple & figure out what's most important to you! I think the lanterns at Tucanes were by far my favorite! They looked so pretty! But please feel free to ask any questions at all, I am more than happy to help in any way I can! Here are a some of my pictures. Our photographer was also Citlalli Rico- I cannot stress enough how incredible she is!
  9. Oh I just saw this- The casita spa offers this 'water ritual"( i believe that's what it's called) and you start in the locker room where you first shower, then go in a steam room or sauna, shower, go into the water journey room- which is 1) a hot tub 2) this huge pool with numerous different jets that massage you- you can go around to the different jets to massage different parts of your body (neck, back, legs, etc) then there is a freezing cold pool that you're supposed to go in, then an outdoor pool that you can go to and relax. It's completely free if you are staying in the casitas, you can just go to the spa whenever and do any of it (steam room, hot tub, jets, whatever you feel like) and when you do all of them in a specific sequence they call it the water ritual or journey or something... lol. It's also free with any spa service you do so if you have a sky massage that you're doing as part of the free package, its something relaxing to do before or after. I did it before my wedding day appointments and it helped calm my nerves so much, I was a mess before I did it.
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