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    Dreams Punta Cana Brides

    OOOH you're the one who stole my 10.11.12!! Hahahaha just kidding... Deyanira is my WC, and when I wanted to book that day, she was like.... sorry, not available anymore hahaha Can I RSVP to your wedding? hahahaha Anyway, I plan on doing loads of DIY.. SOOOO i might make my own. TO be quite honest, I'm not even sure if I should do the Dreams Ultimate or just do ala carte. I probably really do need to decide like NOW. What have you decided? I've read from this thread that if you let your WC know to use the same centerpiece during the ceremony during the reception, she would move it there. Where are you with planning? I am so lost. One at a time right? As for centerpieces... candles? Tall vases? I'm worried though cause I'm traveling from Chicago. Does anyone know how many luggage/s we can bring?
  2. ChiStine2012

    Dreams Punta Cana Brides

    Yadira, I woud also like to see your pictures, if you do not mind sharing ... chistine2012@yahoo.com. I am getting married October 10th! I'm so anxious. I have yet to choose from Himitsu or the El Patio!
  3. Hi! Congratulations!!! I'm so excited too. I rescheduled from September 01 to October 11, 2012. Please let me know how your wedding goes! Good luck!!!
  4. ChiStine2012

    Dreams Punta Cana Brides

    Hi! I just got engaged too this past May and I am thinking of booking my wedding at Dreams Sept 1, 2012 - However, the weather/hurricane is keeping me on edge and I am rethinking of getting married in May 2013 instead I would love to get married Sept 1, 2012...but I dont know about the weather.... is anyone else getting married September? Please help... I am totally thinking about doing the gazebo because it's less wind and I know I will be on the beach every single day... lol
  5. Hi Everyone!!!! Congratulations on the recent engagement... I just got engaged recently too and opted for a destination wedding. I'm a little, okay, I lie, alot nervous about the weather in August, Sept Anyone else feeling the way I do?
  6. Hi Ladies!!! Just got engaged this past May 30th The fiance and I are thinking of hosting our wedding with 30 guests at Dreams Punta Cana resort. We originally wanted to go with Sept 01, 2012, as that is our anniversary date since 7 yrs ago. However, the weather info has since scared me. And now we may move our wedding to May 30, 2013 instead May 2012 wont be good for us since we are going out of the country in March-April 2012 for my little sister's graduation, and it would be too much expense within those 3 months. Plus, I would like to enjoy my time with the family vs worrying about the wedding. If anyone can tell me that they've been in the DR around August-September and if you can share with me how the weather was, I would very much appreciate it. I have since emailed Dayanira and she has been responsive. I was thinking of taking advantage of the free wedding or just going to get the ultimate package. Thanks Ladies, and congratulations to all Brides out there!!!!