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  1. Hi! I got married in GC this past April at The Wharf. I used Celebrations and in terms of communications, I would say it went in waves. We did a lot of back and forth over email in the beginning (about 8 months out) to firm up the big details - location, DJ, set-up/rentals needed, officiant, etc. - and then we didn't communicate much until about three months beforehand. I also took a trip to GC two or three months before and that is when we went through everything and I met the DJ, violinist, photographer, met with the chef to go through the menu, etc. Hope that helps! My advice is to try to streamline your emails and consolidate your questions if possible, but to give them some time to respond - people do tend to be on "island time." In the end, everyone did exactly as they promised and I didn't have any issues. Good luck!
  2. Hi! Focus was great. I used Crispin but Hannah did my maid of honor's hair/make up and a few other girls and she was great as well. Here is a picture of my hair/make up - I wanted very natural looking make up and my hair was just swept up in a high bun. La Dolce Vita is near George Town. Great balcony over looking the water and the owner/chef and his wife are nice as can be. If you like Italian, it's a great spot. I also went to the register's office on Monday to get copies of my marriage license. I can't remember where I read that tip - but it was so fast and easy and now I have three certified copies if I need them for anything. And the copies they give you are much more official looking than what the Reverend will give you (hand written!). Chef John does not have a website. He serves dinner on Thursday nights at the public beach on Seven Mile Beach next to the Tiki Beach restaurant. The food is amazing.
  3. Craig from OneWorld is great - we sent him a list of things we like as examples and he went from there!
  4. Something to remember that I had forgotten - they only sell beer at the liquor store, so plan accordingly (not at Cost U Less or Fosters). Also, nothing is open on Sunday's, so you need to do all your errands and such beforehand.
  5. Hi all - I just got back from our wedding in Grand Cayman and it was AMAZING!! If anyone has questions I'm happy to help. Here is a run down of our vendors. Welcome BBQ - catered by Chef John (local who has a BBQ on the public beach - he is amazing) Rehearsal Dinner - La Dolce Vita Wedding ceremony and reception - The Wharf Planner - Mary Ann at Celebrations Photographer - Rebecca Davidson Minister - Reverend Donovan Myers Rentals and Flowers - Celebrations Hair and Makeup - Crispin from Focus Salon (came to my condo) Accommodations - Harbour Heights (condos) Transportation - Tropicana Tours Welcome bags - brought beach bags and koozies from the US and went to Cost U Less and Blackbeards for snacks and beer I will say, one of the most helpful things was that all of these vendors work together all the time and get along really well. They worked with each other on a lot of the logistics so I didn't have to get involved. For example, it rained all day on the day of the wedding, but Mary Ann worked with The Wharf to set up our "plan b" ceremony layout and Rebecca adjusted our timeline and let Mary Ann know where we would be. By the time I arrived at The Wharf, everything was set up and was absolutely perfect - all I had to do was walk down the aisle! And the sun came out right before we started! I have to give a huge shout out to The Wharf. They were amazing! They have a private beach for weddings that is adjacent to a patio that is tented with white tents (that you do not have to pay for). They are very flexible and can accommodate as few or as many guests as you have. The service is excellent and the food is amazing. And there is no food and drink minimums. Celebrations brought in the rented tables, chairs and linens, as well as centerpieces. The website for The Wharf does not do it justice - it is the perfect beach-side wedding location and one of very few restaurants right on the water with private space. With such a pretty location and amazing views of the beach and water - you hardly need any additional decor! We were supposed to get married on the beach, but with the weather they moved it to the upper deck of the restaurant and it was still amazing - looking right over the water and the sunset.
  6. Anyone know the protocol around shipping things to Grand Cayman? I thought I read somewhere that it can be challenging to get things into the country and you might be better of buying things there. But of course I can't remember where I read that
  7. The food at Ragazzi's is really good. Have only been there once and remember it being loud and cramped inside - do they have a private room? It's also in a strip mall so not a ton of "island" atmosphere.
  8. Ceremony and Reception at The Wharf. Can't wait.... I'm using Celebrations for the planning and getting lots of ideas from CrystalBlueWeddings.com.
  9. Hi all - I am getting married in GC in April 2012. Always open to suggestions and advice!
  10. Would love a recap of the vendors and venues you used and whether or not you would recommend them. I'm strongly considering GC for a April / May 2012 wedding (I've vacationed there a number of times). Would love a reception venue at a restaurant or similar on the beach (for the wedding) and dinner and dancing. Trying to keep this as simple and fun as possible for about 35 - 50 people. Thank you!
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