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  1. Hi Ladies, Have you guys recieved quotes yet? I am looking for the same info. I just posted in another forum as well. THanks
  2. adcurlz

    Now Jade Newbie!

    Hi Ladies. I looks like I am also going to go with Now Jade for our Feb 2013 wedding. I know it seems like I am planning early, but I just want to be way ahead of the game so I dont stress too much! I would appreciate any tips and advice as well. I am also a little confused by the pricing. We are going to have about 50 people as well, and I cant figure out at least even a ball park figure of how much it is going to cost. I see the package prices but that doesnt tell me how much it will be for the extra people. OR maybe I am just not reading it right. So if anyone has any info on pricing that would be great. Happy planning ladies!
  3. This is also my biggest dilemma. I want it to be affordable for my guests. I know its our day and we shouldnt worry about other people. But to me, my guests being a part of my wedding is as important as the location. I am not dead set on the location, I just want a place with good serivce, good diving and good reviews for a decent price! Any and all input would be greatly appreciated. Also does anyone recommend a TA to use for DR weddings? thx
  4. August/September is hurricane season in cancun. I vacationed there in august a few years back and it was windy and down pouring. The beaches were closed due to huge swells. I will say, we still had an absolutely amazing time but if ur considering your wedding there. Keep tha in mind. Happy planning
  5. I am in the exact same boat! I am totally overwhelmed. Just two days ago I started doubting if I made the right decision to want a DW. More than anything, I dont want to be a financial burden on our friends and family. We are looking at Feb 2013 and I am hoping it all works out. We decided on Mexico because it seems the most affordable, but after reading some replies on here I am wondering if we should have looked into Jamaica. Are Jamaica and Mexico the same ball park price wise? My requirements are simply; a beautiful beach and my family and close friends be there. SO we are pretty flexible with location. If anyone has any recommendations, I would really appreciate it. I am on this site for hours at a time. FH has actually made me turn off the computer bc he sees my head spinning from all the info I am taking in!!
  6. Ladies thank you for the advice! It is all so helpful and I'm sure there will be a lot more words of wisdom to come.
  7. I am a feb 2013 bride too! We just got engaged in June, so it wil be nice t enjoy our engagement time as well as plan at our own pace. Haven't picked a place yet, but am working on it Congrats ladies!
  8. hi Brides! Has anyone used destination weddings.com tp plan? It looks great, but just want to hear some unbiased feedback. Thanks!
  9. Hello Brides- My friend pointed me to this site and it is such an amazing site. I must admit I'm quite overwhelmed. We just got engaged on June 18th, so I'm still soaking that in. We definitely want to do the way of desitination wedding, but I have no idea where yet. I look forward to the wealth of info on this site. Congrats to all the Brides!!!
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