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  1. I'm getting married in two weeks and I am starting to feel like nothing is organized. I haven't heard back from Ana after I sent her my wedding planning form, I heard on this blog she quit but I have heard nothing. Is this normal to not have anything organized at this point? Also I am wondering if anyone knows if things such as menu's, seating charts and wedding program's are made for you when you get there or if you have to have them made at home and bring them with you. Seeing that I have nothing confirmed I can't really go ahead and make them right now. Any insight or info would be great!! Thanks!
  2. Just wondering....has anyone tried the food for the Eternity Menu? I am trying to figure out what to pick. Thanks!
  3. Wow your wedding sounds great. Did you have the Eternity or Divine Wedding Package? Did you have a DJ for the reception?
  4. Hi, I am probably going to have around the same number of people as you...25-30. The DJ is $1000 for 4 hrs but I was told the reception was only 3 hrs so I am going to ask how that works?? The DJ is set up in the same area as the reception. I am leaning towards getting one even though it costs a lot but I don't want the reception to fall flat if its a small group and there is no good music to dance. As far as decor goes its sounds like they don't provide much other than white linens and 1 centre piece. Anything else you pay extra. I am in the process of deciding what to bring b/c I really don't want to buy much and have to carry it all down there....the less the better for me.
  5. Ana told me that with the Eternity pkg the white linens for chairs, table and canopy are included. I think all the little extras like flowers, coloured drapes, bows are all extra just not sure how much.
  6. I was told the reception is only 3 hrs long. I also noticed that the wedding book states that it is $1000 for a DJ for 4 hours. Does that mean if you hire the DJ you need to pay an extra hour to rent out the room? Can any one tell me how much it costs to rent the room for an extra hour or two? Thanks!
  7. Hi, My wedding is less than 3 months away and I am starting to think about decor and setup ect. Are most people bringing their own centrepieces, room decor, cake cutter, ect? I have no other family members flying out from my city so I would have to bring this all down myself and its going to be alot. I have heard some people say that they brought nothing and they did a great job at making the room look nice but when I asked Ana she said they don't decorate? Any suggestions??
  8. I was told that my reception would be from 7-10 in the Castaways Restaurant. Seems really short to me....what are other people doing about the timing of their reception? Are any of you paying extra to rent the room for an extra hour or two?
  9. I am having a really small wedding (about 25-30 people) and I am debating whether I should hire a DJ or if I should just have an IPOD playing for the reception. My concern is that the DJ is quite expensive and I am not sure how good of a dance party you can have with 25-30 people? Any advice?
  10. I have done a lot of online research for photographers in the mayan riviera area and they don't come cheap. Prices range from about $2000 for 6 hrs to $5000. With a TTD added to the 6 hrs about $2600- 6000. The reason I didn't like the resort photographer was I felt the pictures kind of fell flat and weren't overly creative. They look nice at first glance but once I started looking at other wedding photographer photos I then realized they weren't nearly as good. Some of the photographers whose prices were most reasonable include: Sascha Gluck, Dean Sanderson, Fine Art Studio and Ivan Luckie (a little more). Good luck!
  11. Ana told me that the outside photographer would have to pay the day pass which I believe is $65. Most photographers bring an assistant too so that would double the cost. When I asked about swapping out my photographer for live music or something Ana told me no swapping was allowed but she offered to give me a free guest pass for the photographer. Not much of a swap if you ask me. I need to figure out how to negotiate with her though....
  12. Just wondering if you have Ana or Pillar as your WC? I too am bringing my own photographer but was told I could not substitute for anything. Did you have to do a lot of negotiating to get the DJ?
  13. Hi, I am new to this form and recently got engaged. Planning for April 2012 wedding and my travel agent recommended the Colonial and my sister recommended the Tropical. I imagine they are are fairly comparable but has anyone had recent wedding experience at either of these places? We are guessing we will have 30-40 guests coming from all over Canada. Any info would be great!! Thanks!
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