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  1. Hey Lady's just seen two things that popped out to me. Maybe it's changed but in November they charged me 120 or 130 something for my outside guests to come 30 min prior to the wedding and stay till 30 min after the wedding! Just wanted to throw that our there to clarify that and bring a copy of that email so they can't try to fight it! I didn't have many pricing issues but I did have a few for example the 100$ I had to put down to hold my wedding they tried giving me a different exchange for and it was going to make me pay way more! Also I had my reception at oceana 38 people and they were great for accommodating we agreed to a set menu of just a few options as with groups that big they. Cant accommodate the whole menu we didn't get charged extra however we didn't rent the restaurant we just made them give us a reservation- we tipped them 100$ and we spoke to the manager the day before to ensure they would do ; tables of 10 in the same area he assured us we would be! If you get a chance to find the manager a day before your welcome dinner( if your there a day before your planning it) I suggest doing so! The manager of oceana was amazing! So so so nice and assuring a tip always makes gem more accommodating! Best of Luck to all of you - your weddings will be amazing! Dreams is phynomynal
  2. We reserved space with the wedding coordinator and once we arrived we spoke to the manager of the oceana to make sure they could accomodate, we had 38 guests! And as for a day pass i believe for a wedding pass its $132 pp the guests can come 30 min prior to wedding and must leave 30 min after! kinda bs if you ask me! They have an all day pass too and its about the same price very close at least cant remember but the guest can only stay till 6 they say!
  3. They do more than one wedding a day, pick weather you want to be on seaside or oceana side for your wedding as soon as possible, by the time I figured that out it was too late, however we had to get married on oceana side and I loved it like that! When we left the ceremony we had to walk past the bar and they had drinks ready for all of us which was a great addition and surprise as we didn't plan that! Also ladies my computer hasnt been working properly so I don't want to do my full review on the resort till I get the new cord as typing on my cell for that long is a pain! But my guests loved the resort we had a blast and I have almost nothing bad to say just a few minor things which I will write in the review! Saraben2011 your wedding looked wonderful, hope it was a wonderful day! How did you like yelapa?
  4. Yes the fiesta is every Friday my wedding is Friday nov 27th and I'm glad to hear the fiesta will be on Sunday the 20th as that's the day we all arrive! The fiesta shouldn't interior weddings or I'm sure it would be brought up in some reviews and I have never heard anything- I'm sure you lady's will be fine- for my wedding we aren't doing all the traditional things partly to save on money and partly to have it feel a nit more casual- we are doing our ceremony at 3 then dinner at ocean restaurant where we will do cake cutting and champagne toast with speaches then at 8 we will head to ocean side of the beach for a bonfire where I am having s'more packages set up for everyone that will say s'more love at the bonfire we will have our Bose speakers and iPod so we can all relax and dance by the fire ( we are hoping to do a dance area by buying stuff down there to make it look the part hahaha) I am soooooo glad to hear there will be a fiesta on Sunday the 20th our 3 year old daughter will love that I'm sure!
  5. Saraben2011, YOU LEAVE IN A FEW DAYS! YAAAY! Have a great flight, Awesome vacation, and the best wedding! Looking forward to hearing from you when you return... I guess ill be there when you return! I can't wait to leave, Just have to finish all the last minute little things now! has anyone ever used Bose Speakers for their ceremony and Reception? Im trying to figure out if they will be loud enough on the beach!!
  6. Saraben2011, You must be leaving soon, YAY! Have fun, dont stress and everything will fall into place!! I can't wait and I bet you can't either:D Sending great thoughts for a smooth and stress free wedding!! <3<3
  7. Okay Ladies, I need some ideas... Of course, im a procrastinator... We leave for mexico in 18 days and the pressure is on... I have planned everything to be fairly simple nothing over the top, I got Mishka to make the maraca's from Mishka designs, the wedding colors are Guava(or Coral) and Aqua blue! I want the ceremony to be dressed up a bit, KerriB i like your idea for the paper lanterns in the wedding colors, did those blow away or were they weighed down? Also wondering if anyone knows any cheap other ideas for ceremony isle decor, or just ceremony decor... something that wont take alot of packing and i dont have to order online- or that i can pickup down there even. We are doing dinner at the oceana restaurant- wondering if anyone knows if they typically use table cloths and if so what color- if not are they wood tables?? Next Question, Is it improper to not do an itinerary of the night for everyone? i have barley even though of this and totally forgot until now, since we are doing the ceremony at 3 then dinner at oceana and a bonfire at 8-10! If anyone has ANY idea's let me know. Thanks ladys for all the help!
  8. Hey Everyone, My Mom found a new site that i thought i'd share- its got some great idea's for wedding stuff. pinterest.com it will especially be good for all the new brides on here who are just starting their planning, between this site and BTW your set!
  9. Unlike most of you who planned well ahead of time, i got engaged last december and planned to be married in Mexico this novemberish but didnt set dates or the resort untill end of July, My wedding co-ordinator is Eleane Joya and she is pretty good with everything- ive only had the 1 coordinator- however i havent been booked at the resort for that long. We are doing the free package too as we have 41 of us going down there and couldn't justify paying for the upgraded packages AND THEN paying the extra per person above 20 people. also i dont care to have some of the tings on the upgraded packages and after some research i found that it was more affordable to do the things i want separatly and just add the things i want. after alot of back and forth we decided to do the reception dinner at oceana restaurant with just their set menu items- i havent heard of anyone doing this yet so i dont know how it will go but we will see, the resort told me they would set up 4 tables of 10 but Eleane said they cant promise we will all be together?!?!? WHICH WILL REALLY SCREW MY PLAN UP!! but i plan to stress to her to talk to that restaurants servers and ect. to make sure we are all together and then while we are down there i am going to go to the restaurant and tip someone who's working that night to ensure we are in the same area....here we will do dinner, cake and champagne toast... maybe we should have paid for the reception but we decided to do a bonfire after the dinner so we thought we would just do dinner then bonfire... at the bonfire we will set up our own bose speakers and ect. and hang around the fire- dance and relax... I hope my plan turns out good as its very basic compared to what others do- and there isnt as much structure for dancing and cake and ect.
  10. Oh and enjoy the stags, we did ours last weekend and had a blast we ended up booking with the same limo and driver as the guys , we never crossed paths but we left them a sign that we all wrote on in the limo, got the limo driver to make sure it made it home with the guys and so that's a nice keepsake of the night and we all had a BLAST! I hope you enjoy your bachelorette as much as I enjoyed mine! I almost wish we could do it all over again because we had so much fun! Does anyone know the name of a hair and makeup artist with a salon in PV I can't remember his name but he is suppose to be really good and he uses MAC cosmetics I might try to contact him if plan A doesn't work out:P
  11. Yea $500 is way to expensive for us! The lady I want to do my hair and makeup isnt from pv so she would have to drive to us!but if we choose to use her still I'm going to look into renting a cheap hotel for one night and just using it for the day so she can do our hair and makeup! I do understand the praise vendo fee but Wen I can pay for a day pass for $120 why do they really need to know what she's doing there lol! And don't worry I'm a procrastinator too and need to get my butt in gear ASAP! At least I have my dress and the bridesmaids that's most important!
  12. Wow, Thanks for the piece of mind on the bugs, i heard some pretty scary sounding reviews but kind of figured it was from some people who REALLY cant handle the outdoor feel at all. haha Sarahben2011, I recieved an email from Eleane today our wedding co-ordinator at DREAMS and maybe they didnt understand me but the email i recieved from her twice because i tried to clarify it was "Do i just pay for a day pass for the outside vendor or is there a rate for outdoor vendors? Or do they get charged at all? And what is the cost?" ELEANES REPLY "In answer to your question, here is the policy where it states the fee for external provider. Included services are non-transferable, non-refundable and do not hold any cash value. In case of an external provider, there is a fee of $500 USD for up to 3 stylists, the fee has to be paid to the spa. The guest is responsible for any service and for the external provider honoraries." Im so confused!!! $500 for people to come do our hair? up to 3 stylists? what if i have one? $500 is alot for 3 let alone 1 person to do our hair!! So i guess we will all JUST miss eachother Sarahben2011- your first, then me and then Jmikla! I CANT BELIEVE HOW FAST TIME HAS FLOWN BY!! Sarahben2011 you must be getting SO excited you leave in what 30 days?
  13. Sarahben2011, We arrive in PV on November 20th with all our guests. We will be getting married on the 25th at 3pm. I cant wait, i have to try my dress on to make sure i dont need any alterations as when i bought it, it fit me perfectly. I think i might pay and go with an outside vendor her name is Sara tamargo and her work looks GREAT but i dont know what the outside vendor cost is at dreams. On nov.27th all our guests go home and we will be heading to yelapa to stay at Lagunita for 2 nights, then we are heading back to PV for 5 nights at the new sunset plaza, has anyone stayed at either of these places before they look amazing ( although yelapa is rough around the edges, but i want to adventure off and try something new so we are very excited about this... im not a big fan of bugs tho so we will see how that goes haha) Sunset plaza is extremely new so i hope if there were any issues with the resort they have been worked them out by now. SO EXCITED- 39 days:) Sarahben2011 are you staying for a honeymoon?
  14. Hey ladies! We leave for PV in about 45 days and still a quite a bit to do but its all coming together very fast now... i guess it has to ... its crunch time! Where is everyone getting their hair and makeup done? are you getting someone to come to the resort? I still need to decide on where to get hair and makeup done and im having a hard time deciding as hair and makeup can be pretty important on THE DAY!!! I have Mishka designs creating our maraca's in Coral and Aqua and cant wait to go down and see them!! So exciting as everything comes together and we all get closer to our departure dates ladies!!
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