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  1. @Tomkins Thanks for your feedback! It definitely helps reassure me about my upcoming wedding at PPC!
  2. Here's the info we were given for him, I just emailed the address on the web. Web Pague:www.rsentertainmentrd.com Facebook:www.facebook.com/pages/Rs-Entertainment-EIRL/130773313618268 I haven't received the mix yet but will be happy to share. Thanks for the info @cdc150 We're too far out for a list of songs I guess but that's great to know because I was concerned a little bit. @lmazz729 thanks for the feedback regarding Luna. We currently are booked there for approximately 60 people. It looks fine on the inside but I was slightly worried about the entrance. Glad to know the service was great. Can't wait to see the pictures!!!
  3. Interested in the same answers as we have booked the new preferred DJ as well. He is supposed to be sending a sample mix to us via email.
  4. @maridr2012 VERY HELPFUL information! Thank you! We were initially expecting 100 people and privatized Luna which has capacity for up to 200 people. You can have a plated or buffet reception. White linens and premium open bar are also included. The major downside is the the chairs have to be upgraded (unless you are ok with the restaurant chairs) at a cost of $10 each. Centerpieces also add up quickly as they're not included. The restaurant has wood floors and overlooks the beach on some sides. I'm curious to hear your thoughts on Luna based on your visit. From what I can tell based on the pictures, the outside entrance isn't the prettiest (bright yellow paint om steps and/or a ramp?) but it looked nice in the upgraded shots. The issue is the cost to upgrade. I am planning to visit next month so your post couldn't have been more timely!
  5. Looking forward to hearing your progress! I'm getting married May 26th so will be sure to pass anything additional along. From what I've been told so far, the new fees are not applicable to contracts previously in place or resort guests. We have an outside photographer, but she will be staying as a guest of the resort.
  6. Janet, thanks once again for your valuable feedback! It is always great to hear from a bride who is truly walking in the same steps that we are walking in and has the same concerns. You posted a great tidbit in your feedback that reminds us all to just relax and get into the island spirit! After all that is what makes a destination wedding special. Please continue contributing to this thread and forum as your feedback has been a tremendous help!
  7. Thanks lmazz729 for your review and feedback regarding the resort. It was really helpful! Although I can't download attachments right now, I'm sure the pictures are beautiful. I look forward to seeing your pictures from the photographer weddingpics.docx
  8. Is there an outside vendor fee even if your photographer is a guest? I was told no outside fee since they will be guests
  9. @maridr2012 thank you so much for posting your thoughts! I can't tell you enough how useful and reassuring it is. I'm headed to PPC in May for my wedding and reading feedback from other brides who you know are really giving honest and thoughtful feedback is the best. I can't wait to see your pictures and thanks again!
  10. WEDDING PLANNER/DAY-OF COORDINATOR??? Ladies, I've been toying with the idea of hiring a wedding planner to assist me with all the planning details because I'm in graduate school and working full-time so some days I just want to scream. I also kind of feel like that I'd like someone there on my behalf, not the resort's, to assist with day-of coordination and details such as programs, timeline, name cards (I think the resort charges for placing these out). I am incorporating a lot of traditional elements into my wedding and planning for about 70 people. I also saw something in my contract about an outside vendor (the wording was funny) and a charge of 30%, but I think that's if you don't use their services at all. Thoughts? Because you all are fellow destination brides, your opinions are priceless to me!
  11. Nevermind re: the DJ Janet, I saw you addressed that on another post. I can't wait to see your pics and hear an in-depth recap! Congratulations!!!!! I'm sooo excited for my wedding day after watching your video and reading your comments after returning.
  12. Janet - Thanks so much for the information! I haven't been on the forum in a while, but was surprised to read about all the changes with Theresa. I don't even think my TA knows about this, if she has, she hasn't told me. We were thinking about booking DJ Mannia, but after reading that they are no longer the resort's preferred DJ, I'm glad we didn't book! What DJ did you use and would you recommend them?
  13. We're bringing our own photographer in. Personally, I felt that it was worth it to me to chose my photographer because after the day is over, all I'll have is the memories and the photographs to re-live it. If you find a photographer that you really like, then I'd recommend going with him/her. I do know of a photographer that is moving to Punta Cana, Katya Nova - I saw another bride mention her on here.
  14. Thank you sooo much!!! That would be great if you could post the picture, or I can PM you my email address as well. Your insight has really helped me. I agree with you regarding the pricing for the decorations, so knowing what you're doing regarding that will definitely help as I plan for my decorations. I haven't been assigned a coordinator yet, so far I've been working through my TA who's been corresponding with Teresa.
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