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  1. Thanks jcoke. Do you have the contact info for JSAV and PSAV? If you need to email me any details, my email addy is kellyjanda@hotmail.com. Thank you so much!!
  2. I have a quick quesiton - does anyone know if we can use the DJ's equipment, but we bring our own DJ? If so, how much would that cost? THanks!
  3. Oh no!! I am so sorry to hear about this. I am sure everything will turn out in the end - you are SO well organized. Best of Luck with the planning!!
  4. Wow! You make the most beautiful bride! Thank you for sharing.
  5. Great Tip. I will definitely request that.
  6. We are having the reception in a ballroom. I like the idea of the ribbon online, may I ask which site you bought it from?
  7. Does anyone know where the RESORT rooms are nicer...the Sunrise or the Nizuc? I think my party will be in the Nizuc.
  8. Thanks - looks like decor is going to cost me way more than I thought!
  9. Does anyone know if table covers and chair covers are included?
  10. I was wondering about the dance floor too, Thanks - I think the brown dance floor will be perfectly fine. One questions though - do you know if they adjust the size of the dancefloor based on your party size? Or is it a standard size?
  11. Hi Kris10kay, My wedding is on Dec 5. I told my Miami contact that I needed to get a hold of my WC because I have such a large party that is already booked, and I need to ensure that I receive the locations I would like. Although, I still haven't contacted my WC yet, so who knows if Ill hear a response back from her, but my Michelle Miami contact has been pretty good so far! Just tell your Miami contact that it is urgent that you know who your WC is. Good luck!
  12. I completely agree. The wedding planning should definately start before the 3 month mark! Raulmaria, I hope your planning goes well over the next three weeks, esp since you have so many guests. I just found out my WC is Daniela. I haven't contacted her yet. I thnk I might do the thing another bride suggested, and compile a bunch of questions together, and then send it to her. Has anyone else had Daniela? Good or bad reviews?
  13. I love the themes!! I may be interested in the peacock stuff! Let me know how the costs of things work out.These are details that we can definately work out a little later. Once I have my themes sorted, I'll let you know. I really want my wedding on a strict budget, so I will have to be selective on what I want to spend money on. Moon_Palace_Private_Function_Information[1].pdf
  14. Thank you so much for the contact info. Karla already got back to me today!