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  1. I still haven't gotten an estimate or confirmation from Nicole. The only thing they said was no to the lanterns. Still waiting... I plan on having a welcome cocktail party on Thursday at the Lobby Terrace (guests will just get their drinks from the bar and walk them over to the terrace) and I will be renting the sound system for 2 hours to play my iPod (I downloaded 2 hours worth of American songs as reggae covers...yay!), followed by dinner at the buffet or beach bbq if there is one. On Friday we are having our rehearsal dinner at Aunt Ruby's Steakhouse unless it's already booked.
  2. Just wanted to add that they are typical round paper lanterns. Very pretty.
  3. I bought them from Just Artifacts. I bought them in 3 different sizes (12', 16' and 24') in turquoise, lime green and brown. The brown ones are the smallest and the green (I believe) are the biggest. I also bought 50 of battery operated LED lights for them. I would be more than happy to sell them to you if you are interested. sukie1220@yahoo.com
  4. Yeah I'm pretty bummed. And FI is insisting on having the reception indoors. Looks like I'm losing $143. Where are you having your reception?
  5. So I just got a small bit of bad news from Nicole at the Suites. We can't put up the paper lanterns we bought in Calabash. The lanterns are the most noticeble decorations we have and are really, really important to me. So now we are back to square one....where to have the reception? We originally wanted to do Aunt Ruby's but were really concerned about the heat in July. Can any past brides comment on the reality of the heat in Aunt Ruby's at night? Is it unbearable? Can anyone recommend another restaurant on the property? Please help. Thanks!
  6. How come there haven't been any new reviews? It seems like it's been at 17 reviews forever. Do brides not have good things to say?
  7. I'm getting married at the Suites in 2 months and this is the first I'm hearing of this as well. We are "confirmed" for Calabash and have 52 guests as of now. It seems like they just don't like having to shut down any of their restaurants for private affairs. :/
  8. Also, I have a question re: the paperwork. if they didn't find it until you got there, how were they able to get your license? Nicole made it seem like they needed 30 days in order to get your license but it seems that they were able to get it for you in a lot less time. ???
  9. I mentioned to Nicole that there were some brides who had issues with their paperwork being lost and she claimed that they have never, ever lost paperwork. What a crock! But I'm glad your wedding went off without too many hitches.
  10. I am really happy to hear that your wedding and experience at the Beach was amazing. It's been said a lot on here that while leading up to the wedding communication is bad, the WCs are really on their p's and q's once you are actually there. I sincerely hope this is the case for me as well. Looking forward to your review!
  11. Yes. You are more important than my wedding 77 days away. Good luck! Hope all goes well!
  12. WORD!!!!! My BIGGEST regret is dealing with Iberostar AT ALL! I sincerely hope that once I get there (and they can't avoid me) the service/response is better. But yeah, honestly, this experience has been anything but cute. Waiting weeks, sometimes months, to respond to your client is unacceptable. And this "island time" excuse is just that...AN EXCUSE! I wish I could've cancelled my wedding there but unfortunately most of my guests are booked and excited to be coming. But I would not recommend this resort to a bride. It has been stressful not getting timely responses and then getting '
  13. Thanks for the tip. I will definitely do that going forward. In the meantime, the day I posted on here I also emailed the WC a follow-up email to every single email that has gone unanswered for weeks (4 in total) and guess what...she finally responded! Persistance is key.
  14. Not yet. The last time I did an 11 minute phone call cost me $48 bucks so I'm trying to avoid that. Plus, I prefer to have everything in writing so they can't deny later.
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