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  1. SuperJdub - PLEASE SHARE PICTURES!! I am anxious to see them! Your day sounded FANTASTIC! I am getting married in August at the GSP.. its coming So fast!
  2. SO glad to hear your wedding days went so well! I would love to see pictures!! My wedding is in August and I have been going crazy to get things situated but super excited!!
  3. Hi FranticBride, I haven't been on this forum in awhile and I was just catching up on everything I missed.... I read that you have an awesome wedding website?! Do you mind sharing it? I would LOVE to see it. I am in the process of starting mine and I am clueless where to start and I thought it would be perfect to see what other brides at the same resort are doing for thiers. If you don't want to post it on here my email is: bmariex26@comcast.net Thanks, hope to hear from you soon!
  4. Hi TIAPRICE, Your wedding day sounds PERFECT! I have been going back and forth with what I want to do. If you don't mind can you tell me how much you are paying for your package and your private party with your "special drinks", domestic bar, and dj? I am very interested in doing something very similar. We are getting married here at home before (none of our guest will know) so I was also interested in the renewal vows package as it is cheaper than the others.
  5. Hi Girls, Does anyone know how much it is to bring in an outside photographer (what the day fee is). I want to book with "photos in cancun" and they send two photographers to the resort. Emma just told me it is $200 a person! I could have sworn it was $75 per person not to long go. It seems like as the months go by everything is getting more expensive!
  6. I was wondering if anybody can recommend any photographers? I am in search for a good photographer with good deals for my wedding next August! Also, so glad to hear that everybodys wedding turns out great once they arrive! Makes me feel relieved!
  7. I don't think Mayra is there anymore.. I believe Emma took over her weddings? I MIGHT be wrong but that is what I have heard. As far as a contract goes, Emma emailed me confirming that they have recieved my deposit and confirmed our wedding date and time. Nothing else though. How about you? What photographer did you deicde to go with? I was just researching that the other day and couldn't decide what we should do. There are SO many decisions to be made still. I am hoping as it comes closer to our dates that the WC's will be alot more easier to work with!
  8. My wedding is August 11th 2012.. just a week before yours! And us too are having a reception back home once we return so we unsure what we want to do after the ceremony also. Have you been talking with any wedding coordinators at the resort yet?
  9. My wedding is August 11th 2012.. just a week before yours! And us too are having a reception back home once we return so we unsure what we want to do after the ceremony also. Have you been talking with any wedding coordinators at the resort yet?
  10. Where is the La plaza? We are having a reception back home so we are not sure if we are going to have anything more than the cocktail hour and the dinner at the a la carte restaurant. But I do need ideas on where to have our cocktail hour at. My communication with the WC (Emma) has not been the greatest. I feel like I have to email her twice about the same thing to get a response back. BUT our wedding is still 11 months away so I decided I'm going to step back a little and relax until a few more months go by to get things all set in stone. We made our deposit already so I guess now its just the waiting game til next August! Who is your WC?
  11. We are expecting around 35 people. We haven't sent out our save the dates yet so we haven't gotten any responses back from anyone. We are sending them out next week so hopefully we will start getting a better idea. How about you? Where are you having your ceremony? We choose the Rivieria Gazebo, although it could change by next year but as of right now I really have my mind set on that location.
  12. My date is August 11th, 2012. So far I just confirmed my wedding date, location, and sent over our deposit. We haven't got into too much details about all the extra stuff. Although, I did send Emma an email asking her is she can send me an email with the extras including dinner menus and etc. about a week ago and STILL no response! I know we still have 11 months to go but its just irritating that it takes over a week to get one email response.
  13. Can anyone tell me thier experience so far with the Grand Sunset Princess? We have booked our wedding date and paid our deposit and we are getting married at the GSP on August 12, 2012. At first I was dealing with Alana and now shes not there anymore?? I know my wedding is still a long time away but its a little irritating.. I went with destination wedding because it was suppose to be "STRESS FREE" and now I can't get an email response.......? HELP!
  14. I love this website! Filled with so much great information! Who else is a Grand Sunset 2012 bride?!?! I am getting married August 12, 2012... so excited!!
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