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  1. Suggestion: Before we moved our date back I was getting ready to make an order from a couple sites. I requested some samples of the beading, fabric and lace/applique. It really helped me with my decision making process. One company knew my date was postponed and even kept up on a few follow up emails. Which I thought was nice for a customer service point of view.
  2. I also want to get my dress from Jasmine's but I agree that their prices are getting quite high. I started looking and following other makers because I still do not want to spend past $400 for a dress.
  3. I bought my veil on ebay for $22 with S&H. It is a cathedral ivory veil, plain from "shopgingerweddingveil" and I was very impressed. HTH
  4. I bought my veil on ebay for $22 with S&H. It is a cathedral ivory veil, plain from "shopgingerweddingveil" and I was very impressed. HTH
  5. To bride "HAPPY FAMILY": I could be very wrong here ... I believe I read an earlier post from a bride on this thread stating that she ordered a dress from SOP and it was sent to her in a Landy's Bridal bag. I hope I am wrong on this. However, do some extra homework because of the latest reviews on SOP. I would hate for you to get the same vendor and unhappy results.
  6. Wow, that is insane! When I was getting quotes from Jasmine's and Dousheng they both told me that the summer months are typically the slower months. I really hope you get your dress soon.
  7. I was researching earlier and I started to narrow down my options too. I was torn between Gianinarbridal , duosheng ,Jasmines bridal also. After talking with the said makers I have decided to go with Jasmine's. Reasons were: Gianinar was getting some disturbing reviews. Duosheng prices are good but I didn't like that there was no upgrade in material only dressmaker experience. I also wasn't overly impressed by the material samples they sent me. However, they did show me impressive pics of their completed work. I also concidered Dressilyme but they refused to concider to make my dress because they didn't feel that they could make it well enough. Points for honesty at least. I plan to order my dress from Jasmine's. Yes they are pricier but I have yet to hear a bad review. Their communication was very detailed and overall fantastic. I'm just waiting a little longer before ordering because I have lots of time and I'm dieting. This is the dress that I am having made. Jasmine couture 2012 collection. ( In ivory/black like the picture ) http://www.jasminebridal.com/ugC_Product_Detail.asp?hidP_kind=Bridal&hidP_style=Couture&hidP_style_ID=T142002
  8. I agree with "kthun" and you. I think the dress will flow better without the second row of beading. Beautiful dress BTW
  9. WOW, beautiful dress! The workmanship from Jasmine's has never disappointed me. Simply gorgeous
  10. I first saw the dress I love (above) on their ebay store. Yes, there was only a few listed when I looked too. They have a web site that I found www.gianinarbridal.com . But when I emailed them I asked about seeing pictures of their completed work. That's when they gave me this address. www.aliciarbridal.com . They say it shows their most recent projects and new lines. The dresses look amazing. I'm still going to talk with Jasmine's Bridal but I honestly think I already made up my mind. I can't beat their prices and I am on a very strict budget. (We are paying for the wedding ourselves and we have four kids together and doing house renos. I know, I'm crazy!). I will admit, Jasmine's Bridal is very clear and fast on their responses and concerns. They get an A+ in my book. Gianinar was easy to talk with also. They just seemed more relaxed. However, I was just looking for a simple quote without asking as many questions and alterations as I did with Jasmine's. So I do need to be fair
  11. I just wanted to repost this post since it seems to have been under review for a long time before posting. (I'm new). Anyways, I really wanted to share some info that I found out while dress searching. Thanks again
  12. I'm a newbie I just spent most of my vacation week reading through this entire thread. All of you beautiful ladies have given such wonderful advice. I really enjoyed reading all the posts and looking at the original pictures VS. replicas was very informative. It was amazing how the communication stories between buyer and seller became more detailed and specific with every bride. Just shows how valuable your advice has become. I believe I found my dream dresses and I am currently composing notes of details so I can receive honest quotes. I know that I want to purchase sample swatches to compare. I also want to see finished product pictures. I am in the process of loosing weight so I will need to try on more types of silhouettes to ensure the flattering design. I also want to start communications with the vendors to make sure that we understand each other fully. And yes, I will be measured by a professional! So far I believe that I will be dealing with either Gianinar Bridal or Jasmine's Bridal. I sent each a quick email on the dress pics I have for a rough idea of price and ability to perform the design. This is what I learned: Jasmine's Bridal was very specific on details and expectations. They want a very detailed list of questions and concerns. But they also stated for me to check out their previously made dresses to make sure I felt that their designs would meet my demands BEFORE they would even concider looking at my pictures. You can see their work on their website and also on facebook. They seem to be pricer but they also appear to push top-line materials. Gianinar Bridal: I found the dress I love on their ebay store. It is a picture of their actual work! They also have a web site www.gianinarbridal.com and their work can also be seen at www.aliciarbridal.com. Their communication so far seems well, within 12-24 hours. Not bad since I do live in Canada. Their prices are lower. By about half or more compared to Jasmine's Bridal. (but Jasmine did ask for $400 to design Gianinar's dress that was quoted at $130. That's just crazy to me.) I actually seem to like Gianinar's pictures of finished products a little more. But, I haven't decided on the material yet. That may be a deciding factor. Without further ado, these are the pictures of the dresses that I am after. The ivory is Gianinar's actual dress. (pronovias 2007 inspiration) and the other I believe to be Demetrios GR124. BOTH ARE DISCONTINUED LINES. (I want as a ceremony dress ...exactly but with corset.) ( I would like this in pink like the picture for the reception dress) Thanks for letting me share!
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