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  1. Hi girls!! I am very confused! I dont think they have any idea on what they are saying!! Emma told me I wasn't allowed any outside florist or photographer. What to do?? Roxanne L
  2. Hi Hermi88, I am doing pretty much the same as you. I am going to Sunset Gazebo, Chill Out for reception with DJ, Symbolic wedding with the $800 package. Now I have a few questions. At the Chill Out are the table set up outside or inside? Is the dance on the beach or inside? How did you find the DJ? Were the songs any good ? Were your flowers from the resort? Were they nice? Any activities that you would suggest? or anything else? Any deals if you paid cash or not? and last.....any pictures?? Thanks Roxanne
  3. Hi!! Thanks for the advise for the shoes!! If you wouldn't mind my e-mail is lebouthillierox@hotmail.com that would be great. Also how was the hairdresser and the flowers? thanks RoxanneL
  4. Hi Takelly, I was wondering if you had any pictures of the Chill out. I'm thinking of having my reception there on March 14th. How many guest did you have? What about music what did you do and until what time did you have the party? Thanks RoxanneL
  5. Hi Kasiab, I was wondering if you had any extra pictures. I'm getting married on March 14th and would love to see some pictures for ideas. If you could e-mail them to me I can't seem to be able to open them here. lebouthillierox@hotmail.com Thanks Roxanne
  6. Hi ChristaMichelle, I am doing the reception at the Chill out also and yes I was told that I coulnd't use the meal for another night. What happend in my situation I have the 10 platinum suites book so I get the $800 dollar package free and I will add the extra's witch comes to around $600 roughly. I am also getting my legal ceremony here in Canada. Witch price list are you looking for? I do have one or 2. give me your e-mail adresse and could send you what you need. Thanks and good luck. When is your wedding?
  7. Hi Jenwhitt, Could I also have the list of songs by email, I wasn't able to open the link either. thanks lebouthillierox@hotmail.com RoxanneL
  8. Hi Jenwhitt, Wow thanks for all the info I love it. Ok the glow dance floor where did you get that? I was wondering if they had that at the resort. Also what time are you getting married and are you going to the cocktail hour or taking your pictures? So for the DJ it's $850 and an extra $800 for the glowing floor correct? I would love to see the pictures you can send them to my e-mail: lebouthillierox@hotmail.com that would be great thanks.
  9. Hi!! I am also getting married at the Grand Sunset Princess in March 2012. I was wondering if anyone is having there reception at the Tahi club and what was the price that the wc had giving you? Thanks Roxanne
  10. Hi everyone, I am new at this. Ok I need help. I'm getting married March 2012. I think we will have more then 40ppl coming. Now the WC told me I can't have the a la carte for the reception because of the 40 ppl. I need a private reception. Anyone here who had over 40 guest do you have any suggestions? Pictures?
  11. Hi, I was wondering if anyone had over 40 ppl at there wedding and if so if they had to have a private reception. I'm getting married in March2012 and dont know where to have my reception since i have more then 40 guest coming. Any suggestions?
  12. Hi everyone, I'm new at this sorry if i didn't do it right. haha Ok i need help. I'm getting married in MArch 2012 and I think i have more then 40 ppl coming. Now for the reception I was told that when you have over 40 ppl you can't have the reception at the a la carte restaurant you need a private diner. Did anyone have this problem? Any suggestions? Pictures? Thanks Roxanne
  13. Hi, I'm new at this so hopefully i'm doing it right. We are getting married March 2012 and we will have more then 40ppl. Now for the reception i was told that because we are over 40 we can't have the a la carte we nee a private diner. Anyone has suggestions to where to go? Any pictures? thanks it would be really helpfull. Roxanne
  14. I'm getting married in March 2012 and I think we will have more then 40 ppl. Now for the reception the WC told me that if you are over 40 you can't have the a la carte you need a private reception. Did anyone had over 40ppl to there wedding where they had to choose a private diner? Any suggestions or pictures? thanks Roxanne
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