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  1. Was the bonfire close enough to one of the hotel bars or do you recommend spending the extra money and having the bar right there?
  2. Does anyone know if men are allowed to wear shorts in an ala carte restaurant if you have the entire restaurant rented for your party?
  3. I am having my reception at the Great Hall Terrace. I dont think you can go wrong no matter where you choose. It all looks beautiful. Have you been there yet?
  4. Does anyone know if there is a dress code for the Mexican Restaurant? Can men wear shorts?
  5. There is no way you can do inexpensive with Tai. They do beautiful stuff but you pay for it. I was quoted $180 for bridesmaids green cymbdium orchids, $30 for bouts, and the huppa with flowers on each corner $650. I almost had a heart attack when I saw the full quote with everything I wanted originally. Hope this helps.
  6. The wedding coordinators name is Oniesha Brown at the Tryall and then I have been working with Nicole for stuff at the Iberostar. The prices add up though so if you are working with a tight budget this might not be the best place. I dont mind answering any questions to help you out though.
  7. I am having my entire wedding off site, ceremony and reception but we are staying at the Iberostar and the rehersal is going to be at the Iberostar. We are having the wedding at the Tryall Club...its about 30 mins from the resort.
  8. They only do one bonfire a night per group. I had asked Nicole about having a bonfire/beach party and she had to check with the Bride that was getting married that day to make sure she didnt want to have it.
  9. Has anyone looked into having items mailed to the hotel? Or if you are planning on bringing in OOT bags or wedding favors can you be charged duty at the airort??
  10. Are there any brides that have used Signature Photography? I already put down a deposit and now I am worried I mad a mistake! Any tips would be great!
  11. I am getting married at the Tryall Feb 2012. Any brides other Tryall Club brides???
  12. Do any of you communicate with the wedding coordinators via email? All I can seem to get is phone numbers. I am getting married off the resort but we are staying at the suties and would like to have the rehersal dinner there. Any names or emails would be great!
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