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  1. i found ONE photo of beach reception on my extensive search but it doesnt show much. I have found a few at the blue lagoon though, it seems to be the most popular choice for receptions. blue lagoon receptions... http://chrispluslynn.blogspot.com/2009/08/schiffondennisirie.html http://monicazphotography.com/blog/?p=181 and attached is the one photo i found of a beach reception if you get pics or more info let me know!
  2. I'm really having a hard time finding photos of a beach reception at the GP. We are considering having ours on the beach there. Anyone done this can you sha re your experience and/or photos? Anyone have unlink to beach receptions at the GP?
  3. Thanks! She got back to me on Tuesday (which was 5 days), but I had a lot of questions so maybe thats what took so long. no idea. I still have one more important question that I emailed back on tuesday before we reserve our date (10-17-11). Maybe I can ask you guys since who knows when she'll return my email and I feel so bad asking all these questions! My question is, on the site it says you need to be there 3 days before the wedding. It sounds like they mean business days and since our wedding is on a monday, that would mean more like 5 days! Which would be a stretch for us (my biggest fear is getting sunburned before the wedding and looking like a lobster! hah!). Anyone know the specifics on this policy? Also, are you getting any type of deal on your room? I know a lot of resorts offer a discounted or free room if your guests book x amount of rooms but they dont seem to do this.
  4. I came on here because I wanted to see how the communication with you WC is? I saw an older post from Palladium brides in 09 where they said it was terrible. I've asked for a contract to reserve our date on Thursday and I still havent had a response (its Tuesday). I dont know if I can work with a venue that takes a week to get back to me. I'm trying to plan this wedding in 5 months! Whats the longest you've had to wait for an email response? How is trying to reach them via phone?
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