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  1. The flowers were beautiful... Since my wedding was 4 days before I left the resort, they put the flowers in your room. I felt like my room was a florist shop (a bit much). But we dealt with it. I did not provided any music for the DJ. He played the traditional wedding march song and a couple of other really nice songs (can't remember off the top of my head). I didn't have a DJ at my reception. It was a small wedding party so the restaurant (la hacienda) had the mariachi band come up to restaurant and play a couple of songs for us. -Sonia
  2. I just came back from my vacation/wedding from the Sunset Princess resort and I have to say everything was perfect! Emma was my WC and even though she was unresponsive with emails and claimed she didn't receive emails I sent to her, everything turned out beautiful. I used an outside photographer and had to pay additional $60 for a day pass for her but it was worth it! For all you nervous brides the best adivse I can give you is that the WC at Grand Sunset Princess know there stuff! However, question everything. Emma made my hair and makeup appointment for the day before my wedding. By chance I stopped in at the salon and corrected the mistake. They made my day stress free and perfect! I only had 8 months to plan my big day! I had my wedding on the beach at the Chill Out resturant which was perfect because I spent most of my days there anyways. I got to know the wait staff (Marcos) and the bartender (Manuel) and they where a lot of fun. Our reception was at the mexican resturant (Hacienda) and it too was perfect! Again the waitstaff was really attentive and made it a special night! They where a little surprised when we showed up in jeans. After the wedding our photographer (Take It Foto) got a little carried away with our eagerness to get the perfect shot. Needless to say that after the photo shoot, both myself and my new husband where completeley soaked and decided to show up to reception in jeans! It was quite funny to see everyone's expression! As I said before, the day and night was perfect. I met with WC once three days before wedding and didn't worry about a thing!
  3. Am having a really frustrating time trying to get anyone at the GSP contact me back. It has now been 2 weeks with no word from any WC. Has anyone else had this long of a wiating period?
  4. Am having a really frustrating time trying to get anyone at the GSP contact me back. It has now been 2 weeks with no word from any WC. Has anyone else had this long of a wiating period?
  5. Am having a really frustrating time trying to get anyone at the GSP contact me back. It has now been 2 weeks with no word from any WC. Has anyone else had this long of a wiating period?
  6. Samcalv1, thanks for the email address. My cousin booked the trip with a TA but this is going to be a surprise. My fiance and I don't want a big fuss. So we are just doing this behind everyone's back. I'm located in Conneticut. The dress is the only thing I have so far. I've only begun to start planning this wedding. That's why it is so frustrating not to get in touch with anyone at the hotel. As stated before I have printed everything I could find on their website but it's not much. I will try the email address you provided and hopefully someone will get back to me within a week. What are your plans? Have you already booked your location? Are you using the gazebo? Do you have a photographer? Are you bringing your own photographer or using the hotels? Sorry for all the questions but you are the only one that has provided me with anything. Thanks
  7. Crystalline , thanks for sharing your photos. They are georgeous! Was that a photographer someone you brought with you or was it the hotel's photographer?
  8. Thanks samcalv1. I don't have an exact date of the wedding but I will be at GSP the 11th - 20th. I submitted the inital form last week but have not had any response. I have even tried calling the hotel but I can never get through. I have printed everything from their website in regards to the wedding but I find that the packages have a lot of extra that I wouldn't need. I'm trying to find out if I can manipulate any of the packages to fit what we are looking for.
  9. Hi, I'm new to this forum. Getting married November 2011 at the GSP. Does anyone have any advice on receptions for those of us who cannot spend extra money? I haven't had any contact with the WC at GSP. I'm not sure what we should do next, their are 6 (including bride and groom) of us going. Any helpful advice would be great. Thanks!!
  10. Hey everyone, I'm getting married at GSP in November. I have confirmed any dates because I haven't heard from the WC. Very frustrating! I'm having a small wedding (4 guest hopefully). I would prefer to have an arch wedding on the beach but I can't find any info on the website. Any tips or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks everyone!
  11. I have booked my destination, Grand Sunset Princess Resort for November but am now having a hard time trying to figure out how to plan the wedding. It's a small party of 4 (including bride and groom) but I can't finad anyway to have a small ceremony. Any suggestions?
  12. sonymp

    New member

    I am a new member. I just booked my trip to the Grans Sunset Pincess Resort but am now wondering how to plan a very small wedding there? Any help would be great.
  13. I just booked my trip and is just starting to plan my wedding . My fiance and I decided to elope to the Grand Princess and cannot understand their requirements. We have an extremely small wedding party (4 including bride and groom). I haven't been able to get in touch with anyone at the resort. Would someone please shed a little light on this? I feel like this was a mistake
  14. This is a review of:

    Take It! Photo Studio

    Luv Lupe!

    Pros: Fun to work with, great energy and great ideas
    Cons: None
    Lupe was great to wrok with. She had a lot of energy and great ideas and a great eye! We had a small intimate wedding in Play del Carmen and Lupe made everyone feel so relaxed and at ease. I would defentiely recomend her and her work!
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