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  1. The pictures we took are amazing!!!! Thank you so much We are very happy with our decision to have you as our photographer!!! Sophie
  2. Everything looked amazing! Great job If you don't minbd me asking, how much was the piinata??
  3. Hello, Only 42 days to go... Bonfire question - did you rent the ipod docking station or the amplifier sound system? I was planning on only using the docking station (cuz it's cheaper) but my w/c says it won't be loud enough. We will be aprox. 30 ppl. What did you use for the bonfire? Sophie x
  4. Gosh...less than 2 months! I have a million things running through my mind... My question is about your OTT bags. I'm almost done with my bags, but I'm debating on getting travel mugs?? Has anybody put mugs in their OTT bags and were they used by the guests? Thanks again Sophie xx
  5. Hello!! I'm in the process of finalizing the photography for my wedding... I originally planned to book Caribe Photo because it was the best "economical" option because of the outside fee but now I am having second thoughts because I've read a few bad reviews about them Have any of the past brides used Caribe and what were your thoughts about their services and photo quality? Has anybody used or heard reviews about Blue Lens Caribe or Mexican Wedding Photo? Thank you for your input. I'm struggling with this decision. Sophie
  6. Sorry...I haven't been on for a while... I'm sorry what I meant was the order during the ceremony---like vows, ring exchange, sand ceremony...for example when is the sand ceremony performed, at the end?? Sorry if I'm being confusing
  7. Hello!! Can anyone possibly share their program for the ceremony? We are having a legal ceremony and a sand ceremony. I've asked my w/c about the order things happen and I haven't received an answer yet... I found some in previous posts but I can't open attachments! Any help would be great! Sophie
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