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  1. Thanks TSilva...I have been looking for these. I am making a Staples run RIGHT NOW!
  2. Thanks TSilva...I have been looking for these. I am making a Staples run RIGHT NOW!
  3. Aquamaniac Don't worry about the rain. I am making the weather the last of my worries. I am thinking of it as a positive....if it does so happen to rain it will hopefully cool things down a little. Well to be honest I think I am just over the whole planning! I didn't have anyone to help with any of my projects because my family lives in another state. I am just ready to walk down the aisle and party it up with friends and family. My job has been very stressful and I am just ready to get away and relax.
  4. Thanks for the quick reply Trisha! Are there any other brides besides those listed below that will be at the resort the last 2 weeks in May? I am staying May 22- June 2nd. Cynlee143 - 5/22/2012 - Akumal (visiting 5/18-5/25) aquamaniac - 5/22/2012 - Tulum Isabelle Parent - 5/23/2012 - Tulum Jacquie Ware - 5/24/2012 - Akumal nikki17 - 5/26/2012 - Coba
  5. If I remember correctly I believe someone posted that the Tulum ruins are not far from the resort and doing a guided tour to the ruins wasn't necessary. That we could simply get a taxi to take a group of ppl...is that right??? We have 11 days until our departure and it cannot come soon enough!
  6. Jazmin told me that it would be $110 per speaker to rent for the poolside reception.
  7. I am getting married May 26, 2012...super excited and can't wait. I took a break from the wedding planning but I am back in full force! I was recently inspired by a few fellow BDW ladies: mrstgun, anudrm and torilynnsmith
  8. I have to tell you that you have RE inspired me to start up my DIY projects! GIRL...everything you have done has been EXCEPTIONAL and you have definitely out done yourself! Your guests will be amazed at all your hard work! Kudos to you and congrats...you big day is literally right around the corner! I am anxiously awaiting your review and pictures! OH....I read your ENTIRE planning thread tonight...I discovered it at work and could not wait to get home and read thru the entire thread!
  9. Cdunn514 did your WC tell you it would be extra for a bouquet like this or would this be included in your wedding package? Evey bouquet that I send my wedding coordinator they come back with some ridiculous price. For the most part I have selected everything...wedding date/time/location, dinner location, cake, reception location and a DJ. I pretty much have priced everything that I want to put in my OOT bags...I just have to wait on a headcount. I am on the fence about hiring a makeup artist/stylist. The best quote that I received for hair and makeup was $220 for the bride and $160 for bridal party. The quote was from wedding riviera maya, they are full service wedding planners and were very responsive to my emails and needs. Has anyone else requested quotes or have used their services? One thing I did want to share is I was looking for something other than the normal guest book and I came across a thumbprint tree guest book. The desinger will send you a big cool looking tree with your names at the bottom and your wedding date. The guest would put their thumb prints on the trees as leaves and print their names by their thumb prints. I thought that was cool fun thing to besides the normal guest book. SHOES SHOES SHOES! The one thing that is driving me crazy...I can't seem to find what I think are the perfect shoes. Ideally I would like to have them when my dress comes in, which is December so I have sometime...but I am frustrated out of my mind! Any suggestions?
  10. Thanks! I just emailed DJ Bob...hopefully his pricing is more reasonable.
  11. So I received a DJ quote from DJ Mannia and the first quote they quoted $990 for 3 hours of services. Now this quote was just for DJ services at the reception...nothing special...no light up dance floor...no fireworks....nothing extra. I replied back and said that quote was way out of our budget and seems very high for 3 hours of basic DJ services. So he emails back and says the best he can do is $900. HAHAHA r u kidding me...sounds like a rip off to me. Needless to say I wont be using their services! Has anyone else received a quote from them???
  12. Awesome aquamanic! I am booked for a May 26th ceremony, but I will be arriving at the resort on May 21st. I reserved my wedding day back in May, luckily I was the first person to do so. Jazmin is my wedding coordinator and she has been GREAT so far and has answered my emails within 24 to 48 hrs....but there have been some days where she has answered several emails within a couple of hours. I would just be as detailed when you do ask questions and when the answer that is given doesn't make sense ask again! LOL Basically from reading this thread I came up with a bunch of questions to ask and she did a good job in answering them.
  13. @ cdlillad...who did you use for your hair and makeup? Do you mind sharing the price? I am glad to hear that we have the ability to buy our own alcohol to serve...that definitely gives me some ideas!! Jazmin is also my wedding coordinator. Did she charge you a fee to serve the alcohol and to set up tables for the reception? I know you used an offsite DJ. I have requested information about the resort DJ, who I believe is DJ Bob and I haven't gotten anything. I even went to DJ Bob's website and requested information and got nothing....so I am a little uneasy about the resort DJ!
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