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  1. Ladies! So sorry I am just now getting back to all of you about the photos! I've been really busy at work this past week so I haven't had a chance to send any photos. If you friend me on facebook (Lauren Annette Williams in PA) you can see all my photos. Happy Planning, Lauren
  2. Hi There! I had my event at the Mundaca Inlet and it was so beautiful there! My guests absolutly loved the location and because capacity is low it was the perfect place for the event. Honestly, I didn't see one kid the whole time we were there. It's a very private area and the bar setup is really cool. If you give me your email address I will send you some photos from the location I would def. suggest this area for your Welcome Party! - Lauren
  3. Hi again! My bridesmaid bouquets were full bouquets. Just remember that you can work with them on a budget for flowers. All of my flowers (including centerpieces, toss bouquet, and corsages for important people) came to around $1000.00. Hope that helps!
  4. Hey there! Please don't feel like your bothering me! I know how hard it is to plan a destination wedding and sometimes you feel like your not really getting anywhere. So any help I can provide just let me know... Here we go: 1) I ordered my bridesmaids dresses from House of Brides (its an online bridal boutique) They cost around $120 per girl. They are a Bari Jay dress in coral. I had the girls send me their sizes and a check for the dress and I ordered them all at the same time so the dresses would be cut from the same dyelot. 2.) I did get married at the Tulum Gazebo, which is at the far-end of the Spa side. That is where the green fence is but trust me it's not noticeable at all! I loved that gazebo because of how private it was. The only people that were there were my family and friends and zero onlookers! The carriage pulls right up to gazebo, which is absolutely amazing...my guests and hubby loved my entrance! 3) ASP is a whole different quality resort than Playacar. I loved that the resort was adult only! It is amazing there! Plus you get to use the entire 1500 resort credit in the spa and jewelry store! Playacar's beach is stunning and a few of my guests hopped the resort transportation or took a taxi (it's $20 each way) to enjoy that resort. We stayed there for 4 nights to excape from everyone else. If you can do that it's definetly worth it. 4) I did get all my flowers through the resort. I think the total cost of everything was around $1100. That included bouquets, boutonnieres, corsages, a toss bouquet, centerpieces and votive candles. You can go back and forth on price. Definelty work them down on the cost. Originally it was going to cost around $1500! My bouquet was included. They work with you on that for sure! 5) I had most of my locations picked out before hand. I can help you with that if you need some advice. I have pictures of a few different places. Let me know if you need to know anything else! Hope this helps!
  5. Hey everyone, I know I haven't posted in a while but I had my wedding at ASP on June 3 and it was perfect. Someone had asked about having the reception inside and we did. It was beatiful and made the event feel that much more like a wedding. My guests appreciated us having it inside in the Tikal ballroom because it got them out of the heat for dinner and dancing. I had the ceremony and the cocktail hour outside which was a big hit. The cocktail hour was in the Tulum Garden which is connected to the Tulum Gazebo (where we had our ceremony). Our guests got to look on while we were taking our pictures with the photographers and they were all able to snap some pics as well. The event went off without a hitch! Even some of the small details that got missed didn't matter because we were in paradise with so many of our friends and family. We should be getting our pictures back from La Luna sometime in the next week or so and I can't freaking wait to see how those turned out! Just a friendly piece of advice to all the brides anxiously awaiting their big day at ASP. Trust your wedding planner and have patience. You really don't need to make any arrangements before you get there. When you meet with the coordinator she will go over absolutly EVERYTHING with you. I know alot of the gals wanted to have a private event on the pandero terrace but were disappointed with how it looks now. Well we had our welcome dinner on the Mundaca Terrace on the Cove Side and it was magical over there! The staff really goes out of their way to make each of your private events super special! Happy planning!! Lauren <3
  6. WOOHOO!!! We leave for Mexico in 13 days! and are married in 16! I can't believe it's here already! Does anyone happen to have a design template for the welcome bags. My MOH was supposed to create it but her grandpa is in the hospital
  7. Hey there! It sounds like even with a few "hiccups" it was a beautiful day. I was wondering if you had purchased the DJ through JSAV? I can't wait to see your pics!!
  8. Alisa, Would you mind forwarding me that email from Wilma so I can show it to Cristina at our wedding meeting. I just want to show her that other brides were told they would have no set-up fee for the decorations they brought with them. My email is lauren.runco@gmail.com Thanks! Lauren
  9. Jess, Can you send your template for the room key holder too?? (lauren.runco@gmail.com) I'm so stressed out now about hanging those decorations I wish they would get back to me about stuff in a timely manner. Between that and them saying we couldn't use our resort dollars toward the video I feel like they aren't working with me at all and I have 26 rooms booked for them
  10. I don't know what to do...should I just not say anything else and wait till I get there?
  11. Hey ladies! so get this... look at the response from Cristina in regard to the resort putting my chair sashes on the chairs. WTF??? I'm not paying someone to do that! That's ridiculous!!!! Hola Lauren, If you are hiring a vendor, please tell them to set all in the correct places or if you prefer i may hire a person in charge of it, if so it will be $ 65usd. Please let me know! Regards, Cristina Suarez
  12. I just sent Yesenia an email since no one there answers their phone! I asked her about the fee for private events, about using palace dollars toward the video and toward limo services. I'll let you all know what she says.
  13. Okay ladies...after days and hours of reading all the posts on here I have some questions for you: 1. I contact Rebeca from smile market (the resort photography and video) and they told me that you CAN'T use the palace dollars for video. Do any of you have something in writing saying that you can? 2. We are having our ceremony in the Tulum Gazebo at 6pm on the spa side. the cocktail hour is at the Cenote Inlet (spa side i think??) from 6:30-7:30. And the reception is actually going to be inside in the Tikal ballroom from 7:30-10:30. I was told that any private events held outside was a $6pp charge. We are having 47 guests + my FI and I so we can't really afford to have more than 1 event outside, hence the cocktail hour will be outside. Are any of you familiar with the areas I listed?? Or have any of you had your reception inside?? Also, we are reserving the DJ for 3 hours and he quoted us a price of $1350 (OUTRAGEOUS) but I don't want to stress about announcements and what not...any suggestions?? Oh and what's the deal with using the resort dollars for the limo. Do any of you know if my FI and I can reserve a limo to pick us up from the airport and use the palace money for that? Thanks girls! We leave in 19 days!!! Lauren
  14. You will be there during my wedding! It's on June 3 at 6pm!!
  15. Alisa, I get there on May 31st. We are switching resorts to Playacar Palace on Tuesday June 7! So maybe we will run into eachother on the 6th???? Who's your WC and where are you having the ceremony?
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