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  1. Thanks everyone!! Luckily, I'm not concerned about me (one of my bridesmaids is going to do my hair and make-up as my wedding gift & she's good ). I have nine bridesmaids & 2 flower girls so about 7-8 girls want to get their hair done. My friend has offered to help however she always stuck rushing around at weddings, helping everyone else and barely having time to do her own. I don't want her overworked; I want her to enjoy herself I've reached out to some options down there but they want you to have your hair and make-up done-I'm only concerned about the hair for my girls now-did a survey yesterday & everyone will do their own make-up, or thinking of going to the Mac in PDC. If any comes across any hair options please let me know-I'm willing to pay the vendor fee so my girls are taken care of. I think at this moment I will book appointments at the Spa for my girls (anyone aware of the cancellation process, any fees?). And Kelly, I look forward to you feedback when you get back. (my wedding is June 22nd-not sure how to update my info to reflect this). Thanks!!
  2. Hi Ladies, It's been awhile since I've read through this forum but I'm remembering reading mix reviews regarding the hair and make-up at the Spa. Anyone have any feedback on these services? I think I read on someone's review that the make-up artist made the bride or bridemaid(s) look like they were from the 80's. This kinda alarms me! I'm thinking of having someone come to our hotel room to do hair & make-up (willing to pay the vendor fee) but there are so many of us I'm afraid there will not be enough time so will need to have some girls go to the Spa.
  3. Funny that you say this cause all week she hasn't returned my emails and then tonight I get one from her??? I'm hoping this doesn't continue for either of us.
  4. Maggiedinh, I'm on my 3rd WC and finally have a great one. To be fair, my first one was good too (but only had her for a week or two) but ended up leaving the company so was placed with my 2nd. Thankfully my 2nd WC went on maternity leave so I was provided with Elvy. I've been very impressed with Elvy, so quick to respond and is very thorough. My last WC took soooo long to respond and many times never answered my questions!! I've also heard (on this site) that Anna is good. Honestly, switch! Right before Christmas I was up in arms (shared my frustration on this site) and started relooking into other resorts. Now, I'm staying with the Royal! It makes such a difference in your overall experience so I suggest switch asap
  5. GW Wedding, I'm really looking forward to reading your review cause at this moment in time I'm ready to switch to ANY OTHER resort. I'm so tired, annoyed and pissed with my Wedding Consultant. Every bit working with her has been a pain and just got done writing a not very nice email (which isn't me). My fiance and his family keep telling me I should demand to speak with a manager but I'm not sure if that will make a difference. If anyone on the forum is willing to offer an advice, perspective I'm all ears. Oh and Happy Holidays
  6. Kelly!! Many thanks for your response!! I looked on Booking.com but the rates seem higher when than what's provided on the website. You think I should still reserve some rooms? I've never worked with a TA before and wouldn't know where to start? Do a google search?
  7. HELP! So I've put the deposit down for our wedding (June 22nd 2012) and no one has booked their rooms yet (because I haven't provided the info to my guests, still need to sign our contract & WC won't give room rates until she has our signed contract). My family saw on their website that they are having a sale (and are freaking out) on rooms if you book by TOMORROW!! )I think I read an in an earlier post that you'll guests will receive a 10% discount if booking rooms through our wedding coordinator). Do you think they'll extend this discount on their website??? I"ve asked my WC but she won't answer my questions, said she needs our signed contract (which I'm not signing until she updates the location of the reception, she left it blank). Thanks!!
  8. I, too, have become overwhelmed with the resorts. Right now I'm leaning towards Playa del Carmen and very interested in Gran Porto Real (must be all inclusive and kid friendly) but now I'm not sure about that resort. Any thoughts???
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