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  1. No I haven't... I have an app on my phone that let's me Google photos called "Google goggles", so I searched your picture you posted and the Romona Keveza website came up. glad to help!
  2. Brides Across America is hosting a Veteran's day free designer wedding dress giveaway for military members, their fiance's, or their spouses who got married by a justice of the peace and are planning a wedding within the next 18 months (like me ;P ). You or your fiance has to have been deployed within the last 5 years or must be getting ready for a deployment. Bridal gown stores across the country are participating in this, each store will be preparing a select number of gowns to give away. Most of the gowns are samples and overstocks and are worth approximately $500 to $3000. Dresses range in sizes from 4-22 and will be given away on a first-come, first serve basis as long as you qualify. Sponsoring designers include Jim Hjelm, Marisa, Alfred Angelo, Lian Carlo, Watters, Vera Wang, Erin Cole, Impression, Mathew Christopher, Ti Adoro Jewelry, Bridal Gallery by Yvonne, Paloma Blanca, Marys, Allure, and Kathy Ireland. You can find a store near your location at http://www.bridesacrossamerica.com/ Hope this helps somebody!
  3. Okay, I need some help with my reception dress. The first pictures they sent me of it seemed like it really had potential and I love the way that the layers draped, but once I asked them to shorten the length, and make the split start a little lower on the leg, it lost that drapey look that I wanted, and I don't really know why. Does anybody have any ideas on what I can ask them to do to make it more flowey at the bottom? Here is my inspiration (from 2 different dresses, the bottom is my main concern) Here are the first pictures they sent me and the changes I asked them to make: And here is the way the dress looks now: Any ideas?
  4. I would say if you're willing to spend twice as much on your dress, duosheng seems like they are more consistent with quality. I haven't heard any bad reviews on them. However I'm not sure if they offer the photo service before they ship the dress. If they don't mention it I would ask about it specifically. You know better than they do exactly how you want your wedding dress to turn out, so its better if you can see it before they ship it so if there is anything you want altered they can do it. Also you might ask them if you can pay half down and then the rest after you get the photos before they ship the dress to ensure they don't do what babyonline has been doing lately and agreeing to send photos, but then shipping the dress without sending photos.
  5. Gianinar does offer an express service for an extra charge, so if you want to go with them I would email them and double check that they can have it done before your wedding date. Another tip: tell them your wedding is earlier than it actually is, so they'll rush it faster. If you go with duosheng their dresses do look very high quality. Ask them for pictures before shipment.
  6. I am going through Gianinar bridal right now, so that's really the only company I can comment on. Tip: Do Not order from them if you have less than 2-3 months till your wedding date. I ordered two dresses (one wedding dress, one reception dress) on March 24, and recieved my first full dress photos on June 16th. They had also been sending me progress pictures before this. Also keep in mind that these are both custom designed dresses so all they really had to go off of were drawings and pictures of different parts of different dresses to help them picture what I wanted. The things I like about Gianinar is that you pay a $60 deposit per dress, then they send you pictured and they will alter it if you want any changes made to the picture they sent you (although I suggest requesting changes one at a time, because often when I requested multiple changes only a couple would get done. This might be due to the language barrier), then once you are happy with your dress you will pay the rest of the amount (my wedding dress is $120 total and my reception dress is $150- its a little more detailed), then they ship it to you. At first the communication was great- they replied every night, but now it usually takes about 2-4 days to get a reply. They are always friendly and courteous, and I am somewhat picky about my dresses because they were designed by me, so I have a picture in my head of how I want them to turn out. I am confident that the dresses will turn out exactly how I want them to, but I expect it to take a little time. My wedding isn't till May so I ordered over a year in advance. It has been 5 months since I ordered and I still haven't recieved my dresses, however I ordered ahead of time to prepare for this. So if you want a beautiful dress, at the best cost, and are willing to wait a little bit go with Gianinar. But if you're in a rush I suggest you go with one of the other, more expensive (but still wayyy less than you would spend at a US bridal shop) dressmakers like Jasmine's Bridal, Landy Bridal, Light in the Box, etc... that have been recommended by some of the other brides on this thread. Good luck with your dress shopping!
  7. Daizyduke, also if you like Maggie Reese, you might love Billie by Sottero and Midgely. There is also a bride (runningbride24) on page 131 who had that dress made by gianinar also and it looks fantastic! http://www.sotteroandmidgley.com/dress.aspx?style=ASM3387
  8. Daizyduke, on page 76 and 119 on this thread there is someone (LadyTrunck) who ordered the Maggie Reese from gianinar. It looks like it turned out pretty well. The first page is the photos they sent her before shipping and the second page is a picture of it on her. Hope that helps.
  9. MissKim sorry it took so long, and I don't know if it would be helpful now, but your dress is Mori Lee by Madeline Gardner Style 1651 Chantilly Lace
  10. Google goggles! Lol. It's an app on my phone that let's me search a picture on the internet. Pretty convenient!
  11. Okay the bodice pic is not working but here is a link to it http://www.sellmyweddingdress.co.uk/database/dress_info.php?ref=5634
  12. Oops.. its actually called "Ashten". Here's a link to some other pics online and here's a closeup of the bodice: http://forums.theknot.com/Sites/theknot/Pages/Main.aspx/wedding-boards_wedding-classifieds_pip-sale-augusta-jones-ashten-gown
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