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  1. Hi Shelbi, The gazebos are located behind each of their respective platnium suites located on the far right side of your map. The Chill Out is located behind the Platnium Sunset side. Hope this helps!
  2. Hi RoxanneL, The Chill Out club is an outdoor concept with little rooftop coverage. You have your choice of having the tables set out on the deck OR on the beach. The same goes for your dance floor. We choose to have the tables set up on the deck and have our dance floor on the beach. It was fabulous...but I really don't think you can go wrong with that location! You will need to prepare yourself for a "Plan B" in the event of rain though. Plan B involves being indoors somewhere else in the resort and they give you a few different options to choose from. Nothing compares to the Chill Out though.
  3. I thought the same thing about the down grade however they only have two packages for legal ceremonies. I believe you have more choice if it is symbolic.
  4. We got married at the Riveria Gazebo which is a less private than the Chill Out Gazebo. The bar was immediately to the left of the gazebo on the beach and the guests utilized the chairs in the gazebo to sit. Honestly the hour goes by rather quickly with all of the photos being taken so everyone was busy watching and socialzing and the chairs were only used by a few people.
  5. What type of rooms have your guests booked? My guests booked platinium and there was a private bar area in the lobby of the suites. It was perfect for hanging out between events as you could indoor or outdoor by the pool.
  6. Re your welcome dinner. I was told the same thing however when I did the same thing (told them I wanted to downgrade) and they agreed to the welcome dinner. We had it a La Fondue on our second night there and it was fabulous.
  7. We used the cocktail hour immediately following our wedding ceremony. Since the ceremony was short (20 minutes) the cocktail hour added to the event. The location was on the beach as we used the Riviera Gazebo for the ceremony. Yes there was a bartender and everyone had fun posing for pictures and sipping cocktails.
  8. I took a picture of what I wanted my hair to look like however I didn't do a trial run here before I went. When I got there the hairdresser said she couldn't do the style because my hair was too short so we had to improvise. It turned out ok but it wasn't what I envisioned. Communication was a challenge due to the language barrier. The flowers were amazing! Very vibrant but not very fragrant.
  9. Yes, equipment was provided to play a CD at the ceremony however they had an issue playing the one we brought. The music was loud enough for everyone to hear.
  10. Emma was fabulous . Many of our details were not worked out until we arrived but everything fell into place. I only hathed two unexpected expenses....$200 for the photographer if I wanted to buy all of the photos taken and $100 to have the marriage certificated translated. The food was great and the service was excellent. Very friendly people! We stayed in the platnium suites (rm 4209). It was a partial ocean view and we were extremely happy with the room. I did have my hair and make up done while I was there. I was really happy with my make up but my hair didn't turn out as I had wanted. It still looked great but communication was an issue because she didn't speak english very well.
  11. Hi Roxanne, Yes, I do have some pictures I can share...just send me your email address. We had 38 people in total and the Chill Out was perfect! It is absolutely amazing at night and the staff is wonderful. The entrance way is lit up by tiki torches and the ocean view is great. We were able to see the cruise ships off in the distance which also helped the ambiance. We brought our own music on a memory stick and had the resort DJ play our songs. It was great and the DJ was open to taking requests from the crowd. We used the beach as our dance floor and everyone kicked off their heels and had a great time. A word of caution though....I had some difficulties with high heels at both the Riviera Gazebo and the Chill Out. The bridges and walkways are like a deck with open slats. It is very easy for high heels to get stuck between them when you are walking so flip flops or platform shoes would be recommended!
  12. I also chose the resort photographer...Lilo. He was great! The package I purchased was $1,100 for 90 photos but I ended up paying $200 more and bought all of the pictures. So the total was $1300 for 90 prints, two albums and 450+ photos on CD. All photos were available for viewing the next day and the printed pictures and CDs were ready the day after that.
  13. I will try to post some of the pictures soon! The wedding coordinator (Emma) was great. I didn't realize how much time they are with you when you arrive. There were a number of items outstanding upon my arrrival however our first meeting was 2-3 hours to go over every detail and pick our plan B in case of rain. On the day of the wedding, she was present from the ceremony time (2:30 pm) right up until the evening ended at 10 pm.
  14. We are back from our wedding on October 21, 2011! Our reception was at the Chill Out Restaurant it was fabulous. None of my plans were finalized until I arrived at the resort but everything worked out great. If you have any questions please let me know.
  15. Hi Kelly, It took us a few weeks to get the confirmation back and the deposit was taken shortly thereafter. My best advice is to use your travel agent when you need to. The WC seem to respond to them faster and they are your best advocate for getting things done! Good luck and best wishes.
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