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  1. sxcT - I got back on Saturday. My wedding was gorgeous. I'm going to try to write my review on the ASP page were other brides have written their reviews. I'll also post it here as well. Everything was perfect the only issue I had was that a minor hurricane (Rina) hit the Cancun area and all ASP got was heavy rain and some wind so wedding was postponed from Thursday 27th to Friday 28th. Edith the WC was very helpful and understanding. I had no problems with her while at the resort considering the hurricane was on its way. I hope to write a detailed review so it can help you and other brides. If you have immediate questions you can e-mail me at MarTeeNi007@aol.com and I'll reply as soon as I can. I know your wedding is in a few days. Thanks - Liza
  2. OMG time is flying by... I still can't believe the day is here. Today I "officially" got married in City Hall. I opted not to go through the Mexican system. It was soo easy to get married in New Jersey. I'm very excited! I was told that my coordinator is Edith. I have yet to be contacted by her, but I've been working with Iliana over the past month or so making my selections and approving the purchase order. I'm truly excited because I qualified for the cocktail hour. I know you have mentioned in the past you have yet to get people to officially confirm they are going to your wedding. Well its 3 weeks away and I'm now starting to see people make their arrangements. So take it from me you will have your stragglers. I'm still not sure what to do about favors. I'm doing the maracas which I'll buy in Playa del Carmen, but I wanted to give my guests a little something else. Any ideas? Also I have to make my arrangements for my transportation fom my home to airport and airport to my home. I'm actually flying out with some family members and we live very close to each other so I'm thinking shuttle van. I have to create my music playlist. I'm using my iPod for music. I have other details here and there, but its a matter of getting them done. I also go for my last fitting on Monday. I leave Sunday the 23rd. What else do you have left? Quote: Originally Posted by sxcT Wow you are just 3 weeks away. How exciting!! I've been contacted by a few people throughout my planning process but I know Cristina is my on-site wedding coordinator so I have been working with her. So what else do you still have to do in the next few weeks? When do you head out?
  3. Hi! Sorry I've been MIA but I've been busy with work and then after work I've been hitting the gym to get off the extra pounds. Our big days are around the corner. I'm so excited! Have you been contacted by the wedding coordinator?
  4. sxcT - Girl I'm right there with you. RSVP date is this week and only my mom and sister/husband have RSVP'd - What is wrong with these people? I have a feeling a few are going to leave it for the last minute. I've gotten alot done over the past few weeks. Just this past week we ordered our bands. My date is slowly approaching (October 27, 2011). I think I go before you? right?
  5. Jess - I love your review. It sounds like you had the wedding of your deams. I'm sooooo happy for you. I love the sneak peak pictures. You look awesome, and I love your color scheme. They work well together. Your review totally helps me in getting my things together. I have good chunck of things crossed off my list. In looking at your pictures, I'm starting to contemplate changing my ceremony location. I agree the bridge is what does it for me. The only thing that sucks is that I ready put Cove side in my STDs and in my invitations were the ceremony will take place. Besides the bridge I also think its smaller than the Cove Gazebo. I'm not having too many people at my wedding maybe 10 -15 so I think the Cove is too big for that number of guests. I guess I'll have to make that judgement call when I get there. Once again you have outdone yourself in your review of your wedding. I really do appreciate your advice, ideas and help. You totally rock! Thanks Liza
  6. I love your review. Thanks so much for your details and information. I too am using La Luna and Rachelle is our photographer. I can't wait! I love how she captures moments. She really is worth the money. Your pictures came out amazing. I love the locations you picked. I too am doing my reception on the terrace, but thanks for the advice about the lighting. I won't have a DJ - I'm opting for the iPod doc station which I bought already and a Bose speaker the quality is excellent. Also, thanks for the advice about the spa services. My sister is going to do my makeup but my hair will def be done in the Spa I've been told the best thing to do is bring a picture of what you want. I really appreciate your review. I just have one question - Where did you get your cake topper? My FL and I have a dog too and want to incorporate that in our cake topper. Since our little Rosie won't be there she isn't not forgotten...LOL Thanks. Liza
  7. I'm sooo happy for you Jess. You must be so excited. I too have started a little list of the minor details we tend to forget like the garter, cake serving set, etc. Make sure you have somebody pick those things up at the end of the night. I read here that with all the hoopla that they forgot to take those home. I can't wait to see your pictures and hear your experience. I'm very happy for you!!!
  8. Jess, They are so ridiculous with their set up fee. I feel asking asking someone from my family to make sure things are set up right after the ceremony. I don't think I'm doing lanterns, but def favors which will either be in a little bag and I'm totally doing the maracas. $65 to do jus that is insane.... and I'm probably not having that many people either. I feel $65 is unnecessary with all you pay for the table set up which is $400 per. Quote: Originally Posted by jszy10 ooook...just got the "$65 setup fee" comment for Wilma -- I asked her about if I should bring the string to hang my lanterns or if they had stuff to hang them...and she told me I should bring the string and that there is a $65 setup fee. ugghh... she also told me that if I want my dress steamed that they take it to cancun and it takes 2 business days....really!?! :oP
  9. I agree, I love all your dresses. I can't wait...October can't come any sooner. I'm a little superticious so I won't post my dress, but I'll leave that to when I post pictures of the wedding.
  10. Alisa, I'm happy your a doing better. I'm even more excited because your day is finally here. I agree with other ladies don't forget to enjoy every moment. Don't worry about the guests, the resort has excellent staff that can answer any questions or tend to someones needs. I wish you all the best and I can't wait to read your review and see pictures...
  11. Girl you have totally outdone yourself. This is like a work of art. You should be so proud of all your hard work.... June is here..you must be getting nervous.
  12. Hi Jess, I was there in July 2008 and in October 2009 and never saw any topless. I did see quite a few seedos if thats your thing...LOL
  13. Hi Ladies, I just had a random thought the other day, I was wondering how some you have or will transport your wedding dress. What are you guys packing it in? Is it or was it your carry on? I was just wondering I'm trying to jot these things down so as I get close to October so I don't forget these details. Thanks.
  14. OMG!!! I feel so bad for you, you must be stressing. I hope you are feeling better now. In the end it all works out. I would get some of your bridal party to help if you need anything. I can only imagine how you are feeling. Keep us girls posted on your progress and health.
  15. sxcT - You inspired me to make my decision. I was pretty sure that I was going to go with La Luna, but was undecided on which photographer. I e-mailed them last night requesting information and to see if Rachel is available on my wedding day. Having taken a second look at Rachel's portfolio online was all I needed to make my decision. Thanks! Liza
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