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  1. I had 1 tier choc, 1 tier lemon and 1 tier vanilla. food was so good we only cut the chocolate but it was amazing.
  2. I got married at Moon Palace Cancun back in October so have not visited the site much since then but having seen the title of this thread I felt I had to comment. If anyone is getting married at moon they will know all about tricky outside vendor policies but we went ahead and used Derek from photos in cancun. Got round the outside vendor thing by booking him a room for the night. We paid $1500 for the whole day and it was worth every penny. I added a review to his vendor site on here straight after the wedding. Photography was a huge thing for me as neither my husband or I are people that like posing for photos but we couldn't of been happier. At the end of the night he burned 4 discs with 2600 shots on, every thing he had taken that day which are images we now own. You also then communicate with him to arrange the number of edits you want. We only recently did this as it was so tough to decide as to us they all looked amazing as they were. Anyway, I have posted the link to his website and to my wedding specifically but if you have any questions please message me. http://www.photosincancun.com/palace-hotels-wedding-photography/
  3. Hi, I have seen a lot of comments about making sure you give your wedding planner a gift / tip prior to the wedding. I was just wondering what the normal value of this would be roughly or what people have done in the past?
  4. Also regarding tours, I guess it depends what sort of thing you like. As I'm from the uk we do not have the same inclusive trips but ones we have enjoyed in the past are xcaret, coco bongo, xel ha and akumal beach to swim with turtles. We love them all but everyone is different. Let me know if you have any questions about these.
  5. I have been assigned Lilly too, just this week. Maybe she is new? I have found her very prompt and helpful so far. I guess a plus point could be if she is new she will only be working on weddings from now on, not ones that were assigned 12 weeks ago. Well, probably wrong but can live in hope.
  6. Hi, I am flying out on the 25th Sept, staying til 9th October with wedding on October 3rd. I have booked the diamond package but am looking to incorporate some fuschia. What are you thinking of? When are you having your wedding? Stacey
  7. Hi Beatyea, I believe that at the Grand section the only rooms that have ocean views are the presidential suites. The other rooms have views into the resort / jungle like terrain. On previous visits I have always stayed in sunrise blocks but have booked grand this year as the rooms are larger and newer and our group don't mind walking around. guess it depends if you enjoy sitting on your balcony , enjoying the view. We find that we spend so much time out and about that the view wasn't a priority for us. Hope that helps Stacey
  8. Been looking at this forum for a while but just signed up. I have my wedding booked for October 3rd 2011 at 3pm. I have been to the resort 3 times so know lots about the resort but haven't started wedding planning yet!! Is anyone there at the same time?
  9. This is a review of:

    Photos in Cancun Photography

    The best decision we made!!

    Pros: Everything
    Cons: Nothing
    We were married at the Moon Palace resort in Cancun on the 3rd October 2011 and as the title of this review say's, deciding to use Photos in Cancun for our photography was the best decision we made. I checked out a few different photographers on line but found Derek & Loren'a work to be so interesting and beautiful and not overly staged. My fear was coming home from my wedding with just 100's of stand and smile shots that didn't capture the emotions of the day. Throughout the whole process f
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