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  1. Hey Ladies... Its about that Time for me to start looking at renting out the Gazebo. Can someone please send me one of the ladies emails so I can contact them in regards to renting it? Thanks a Bunch J
  2. Yes!! Please let us know.. Im curious too and would be rather pissed off if this is the case!
  3. From what I just read in someones post, you can just take the beer from all of your fridges and ask them to stock up the beer in your hotel room with JUST beer a few days prior.. that way you can stockpile beer and not pay for a bartender.
  4. @ Kristo I hired Stacey Clarke. Shes amazing .. search her on facebook and her prices are even better!
  5. Is that like the Club Golden? I was upgraded to that along with my entire wedding party with my agent.
  6. Hey Ladies.. So I entered myself into an Extreme Makeover Contest for the Calgary Women's Show. I was wondering if you guys could help me out. Click in the Link and "like" the page, my picture should show up.. but if not Look for JENNIFER C, Im in a speckled purple dress. I want this sooo Bad. HELP!!! http://apps.facebook.com/offerpop/Contest.psp?c=32896&u=10295&a=177233788979586&p=148163954580&v=Entry&id=100015&rest=1
  7. OMG!!! LIFE SAVER!!! Im heading there this weekend (if i can wait that long) THANKS!!
  8. Thanks ACW.. Im flying to Toronto from Calgary in January( I believe there's a davids bridal in T.O) .. I might hop the boarder then and make my way to Tommy Bahama's outlet in Buffalo for my Husband to be. IM SO EXCITED!!! Anyone know where I can find some cheap/affordable toole?
  9. I have my three children flying and staying with us. My son will be 18 months (free flight and stay) and our 7 yr old and 11yr old Stay for free.. Just have to worry about flights.
  10. Oh My Gosh.. I really shouldnt watch Video's like that During work.. I full out BALLING my eyes out.. I cant wait for my day.. and you looked so happy .. Thank you for sharing!
  11. ACW what do your flower girl dresses look like? Im looking for some.. Do you live in North America somewhere?
  12. oops!! Im getting married March 8, 2012 --- spending March 5- 12th, 2012 in GBP
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