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  1. Hi Brides, I spoke with the manager of the photo department and what she offered us was the CD of all negatives for no additional costs. Still not happy, but it's better than nothing. I'm going to order photography package B with 62 6x8 photos. I will then take the negatives and print, enlarge at home. At this point I don't think you can use promo dollars for anything wedding related. Right???
  2. Hi Everyone, I looked today as well for the new pricing and saw that it is still showing the old prices along with the $ symbol for promos. I contacted the photo department again and was told "yes, I noticed it and reported it to the operations manager". I replied with this is ridiculous and I'm very annoyed at how you are running a business. I also asked for the managers phone number. I then contacted my WC Val Vera and said the same thing. We'll see what I get back. GRRRRRRR
  3. Please, let me know what they say. Congrats.... less than a month away, you must be getting really excited
  4. Hi all, I'm getting married on June 5, 2011 at the Moon Palace. Everything up to this point was running smoothly.... until this past Monday (3/21/11) I found out from the photo department at the resort that they are NO LONGER using the 1500 promotion (resort credits) for the photography. I was told "not to worry, the new pricing comes out March 26, 2011 and will be cheaper. WHAT since when is cheaper better than FREE. I wanted to do the Superior photo package for $1250.00 and use my credits. Now we have to pay out of pocket. I was not expecting to do this and certainly not two months before my wedding. At first I thought I just had to book before the 25th, but NOPE you have to get married before then. Oh and why didn't the WC tell me that when I inquired about using the credits for our photography....I'm so frustrated!!!!!!!
  5. We only have about 12 people and so we are having our reception at a restaurant outside on the terrace. We probably won't have a first dance and that makes me a little sad. However, I wonder if I bring a song if they would play it on the terrace so we could at least do that. Hmmmm that would make me so happy.
  6. Hi- We are arriving on Thursday, June 2nd and leaving on Thursday, June 9th. I'm getting super excited
  7. That is really tacky. I would never attend a "shower" where I had to pay AND proper etiquette would mean bring a gift as well. If your sister/friends can't afford it then they should just take you out for a girls lunch and pay for you, or do nothing at all. Like you said this is all happening so quickly it isn't fair to your guests/friends/family that you called off the first wedding after people already reserved their trip. I'm getting married in Mexico and feel bad that I'm having a shower when a lot of people who are attending the shower can't attend the wedding. However, they were all invited to the wedding and my MOH is footing the bill for the shower. You have to do what you have to do, but I would suggest a lunch with close friends, move it someones house or don't do it at all. What ever you decide congratulations on your upcoming wedding!
  8. Hi SouthernSweeite, I'm getting married right before you on June 5th at 4 pm. When are you arriving at Moon?
  9. Hi all, I'm getting married at the Moon Palace in Cancun on June 5, 2011. We are all set to have our welcome dinner at Barracuda on Saturday the 4th. Any suggestions on where to have my wedding dinner?? We only have 12 people including us. We are all in our late 30's and want something nice yet fun. Places on the Grand side seem too stuffy for us. Thoughts? Thank you in advance
  10. Hi- I'm still trying to figure out this whole thread, reply and search thingy LOL. I'm getting married at MP on June 5, 2011 at 4:00.
  11. I am as well. My wedding is June 5, 2011 at 4:00. My MOH was married at Moon Palace in January of 08 and it was fabulous.
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