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  1. AMjohnson, Thank you so much for the info!!! I will definitely try to make sure that our guests are not in these rooms!!! I am so excited and a little nervous about forgetting something important. So in saying that I am going to start packing now. By for now! I may be back on here before the wedding if I have a chance but if not, speak to all of you ladies when I get back!. Oh and amjohnson, looking forward to reading your review!!!
  2. I cant wait!!!!! I am leaving My home town in 4 days and flying to Mexico in 6 days. Then the big wedding day is in 9 days!!!! No more double digits!!!! CRAZY!!!!! I just can not wait!!!! I am hoping I have all my ducks in a row but dont think I do..... I havent even made my hair appointment yet!!! I better get on that today!!! I feel like I have everything else worked out. Ceremony at 2pm on the beach near the seaside grill, cocktail hour from 5-6pm on the beach then reception at 630pm at the seaside grill. Hired DJ Bijan for the wedding. I think everything else is in order. Just waiting to hear back from Landy about the bouquet I picked out. Other then that I think just making lists so I make sure not to forget anything!!! Oh my, I just can not believe it is so soon. I have been planning this for a year and a half and it is finally here!!!! Cant wait!!
  3. I am getting so so very excited!!!! 3 weeks today we will be married!!! 17days today we will be on the plane!!!! woo hoo
  4. Hi krstna For the music we were just going to bring a ipod and docking station but once we were trying to actually make a playlist it was harder than we had thought. I was worried about getting a good DJ in such short notice because we are getting married on Jan 17th. I had looked up DJ's earlier in the planning and a lot of people on here used DJ Bijan and all had such great reviews. So I called him on christmas eve. I didnt expect to get ahold of him on xmas eve but just thought i would leave a message. I called left a message and 10 minutes later he called back. We then went over all the little details and he e-mailed me right away with quotes. we had everything finalized on boxing day. So far I have had a great experience!!! He also has better pricing than the hotel. So far, I highly reccommend him! Hope that helps!
  5. Thank you so much Wendy!!! I think I am just going to get the same menu as you! hahaha I was thinking about upgrading to the gold menu so we could have the bruschetta, aspargus salad and Mignon and shrimps(lol) because I generally do not like flank steak but if the flank steak was good then maybe I wont! It would save me a lot of money seeing as we have so many attending. LauraAsh- I looked into the buffet before picking a resort and dreams said that we could choose either a plated service or buffet. I generally HATE buffet!!! So we are getting plated service.
  6. Wendy, Thank you so much for the input on your dinner options!!! I was a bit worried about that and thought I should upgrade to the gold menu. It would cost quite a bit to upgrade for us seeing as we are having 56 people attending and STILL counting!!!..... And thanks for your thoughts on Desserts! I looked over the desserts and wasnt quite interested in ANY of them and asked if we could have creme brulee instead. Aurora said it would be an extra charge but hasnt told me how much as of yet. Now I dont think that I will bother seeing as it might not be that great anyways and cost more! Also, to all the past brides; who would you recommend for hair and make up??? I need to make the appointment ASAP!
  7. Wendy, If you dont mind me asking... How much did they charge you for each centerpiece??? Just wondering see as they were custom made for you. I saw your photos and they are just beautiful!!! IN the middle of booking my photographer. Cant wait until that is all done! I am getting excited!!!
  8. Hello Everyone!! Steve and I are getting married January 17th at Dreams Tulum. We are getting very excited but I am getting a bit stressed out about a few things. First, Dinner reception starts at 630pm. There is no negotiating this, I have tried!!! But how long does it take to serve a 4 course menu? I would think 2 hours, half hour per course... That said, I dont feel like there is enough time for dancing and partying!!!! That really is my biggest concern!!!! Any thoughts on this issue??? Secondly, did any brides get some quotes on centerpieces and what did they look like? They sent me the wedding guide with quotes from $65-$130 per centerpiece!!! And I did not get any pics! Do they have cheaper options? Can you send a pic and have them replicate it???
  9. Was your quote from the resort really $425.00 per centerpiece??? That is just the craziest thing I've heard!!! Who was the florist you dealt with and can we see a pic of your centerpieces? Very inerested now that I have heard your quote from the resort!!!
  10. I am planning on bringing an iPod and Bose docking station! I am sure it will work out. My friend got married at the Barcelo and dd the same thing and they all enjoyed it! As for the packages, I do not know. I am not clear on a few things about the packages either.
  11. Hi DanniS, I am getting marrid at dream tulum in January and we have 57 booked so far. I was wondering if the resort charged you extra for the set up of the ceremony if you have the dreams of love package????
  12. I have read some articles about shipping items down to Mexico. It was expensive and then customs didn't let the artilces in the country. Some brides did not have a great experience therefore I wouldn't recommend it. I know I am bringing everything with me and just getting people to bring an extra thing here and there. I think it will work out better that way.
  13. Oh, sweet!!! I hope it works out and we get the seaside grill then! Thanks for letting me know Wendy! I appreciate it!
  14. I DEFINETELY want the seaside grill!!! Its my top choice but just need to find out if we are able to have it. Hopefully the hotel isnt at 70% occupancy but I think that they would accomodate us seeing as we are a larger group *crossing fingers*!
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