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  1. I'm not totally sure how we were upgraded!! When we went to check in, they just told us we had been upgraded and brought us to our room! All of the rooms are very nice though, and I am sure you will be pleased with whatever you end up with. We did end up paying the extra $600 for the twilight time slot. When we met with our wedding coordinator at the resort she told us we were the last wedding of the day and could pick whatever time we wanted to have the ceremony.
  2. Hmmmm....I guess the pictures posted! We had originally booked the Honeymoon Caicos Premium king, but we were upgraded to the Parrot Cay Honeymoon suite. All of my guests were in the turquoise rooms, and even those were very nice!!!! Our room was wonderful with one exception....we had ants ALL OVER the bathroom wall/sink when we first arrived. We called the concierge desk and they came in and sprayed them with something and then told us, "Close the door and don't go in for a bit." We weren't too happy at that point (to say the least), but didn't let it get us down. We went out to dinner, and when we came back the ants were gone...no further problems for the rest of our stay. The food on the resort was awesome! I've stayed at plenty of all inclusive resorts and have always found the food bland and repetitive. Beaches was sooooo different. The food was fantastic! My bother in-law and hubby LOVED the jerk station, and I pretty much had pizza every day for lunch. I had Evette as my wedding planner....she was friendly and nice, but seemed too busy to give us her full attention. We had to track her down the day we left to get a copy of the marriage certificate we had signed at our ceremony (I guess they are supposed to automatically give it to you after the reception) and our sand ceremony. I honestly don't think we would have gotten either had we not found her. May is a really busy month, so I know she had a full plate. Also, there were weddings going on everywhere, but they did a good job of making us feel special. The actual wedding ceremony was a complete blur, but the marriage officiant was really wonderful. He added nice touches to the vows that really made it sweet and meaningful even though we did not write them ourselves. We had the "Island Paradise" theme and the arch was absolutely GORGEOUS. We were married on the beach at 6:45pm, and it was just perfect. I'm waiting for pictures from my photographer, and will post them when they arrive. I was not too impressed with the bouquet that came with the package....it was kind of small and just really underwhelming. I ended up using a bouquet from Wedideas that I had brought with me. We did a 2 hour seated dinner after the wedding. The place settings and cake were very pretty.....I've heard mixed reviews about the cake flavors, but we LOVED ours!! We had vanilla on both layers and it was delicious There is just too much to write!!! I'm sure I'll think of some other details to add!
  3. We just got back from our wedding and we had an AMAZING time!! I'm trying to figure out how to post pictures here, but can't seem to get it to work!
  4. I just had my last dress fitting today! It's coming so quickly! I think I have everything ready to go...we leave the day after you do (Weds the 18th). Starting to get suuuuuuuuuper nervous...I feel like I HAVE to be forgetting something.
  5. I'm May 21st too and I can't believe how close it is!!!! So excited!!!
  6. Brandy, Did the band play while you ate dinner or after? I'm having trouble trying to figure out how the 2 hour reception should go!
  7. Brandy, LOVE your pictures so far....can't wait to see more and read your review!!!
  8. I was just wondering what everyone else is doing.....are you doing your first dance before or after your dinner/reception?
  9. Ok, so does anyone know the difference between the steel pan player and the calypso band? I booked the steel pan player, but now I'm thinking I made the wrong choice! They are the same price....which I think it's hard to believe that one guy playing the steel pans would be equal to a full band!?
  10. I'm also using the spa for my hair/make-up...has anyone else done this? It does make me a bit nervous.....would love to see some pictures of their work!
  11. Where did you hear this? I spoke with Monica, and she said I still had to pay for the Island Paradise theme! If I could keep my time without having to spend the extra $6,000 that would be wonderful!
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