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  1. Grand Velas resort. I think it's actually in Nuevo Vallarta. Let me know if you choose this! lol I can live vicariously through you. lol
  2. Isn't it?!!! I would LOVE to have the ceremony there! PV stands for Puerto Vallarta. The pacific side of Mexico. Can anyone help? Any ideas?
  3. LOL! Yeah I make sure to keep this planning process a secret in real life. LOL. People will call me crazy. But we want to be married some time next year or so and I think he plans on proposing end of this yr. Which won't give me much time for planning, etc. So I said forget him, I'm starting this now! LOL. I don't want to be a chicken with its head cut off once he finally pops the question. lol. We went ring shopping today to see the rings I picked out in person & I'm so excited!
  4. Please Help! I don't want a wedding on the beach. I want to wear heels. I have fallen in LOVE with this ceremony location! But it's in PV. :-( Problem is, I really need to have my wedding in Cancun area (or close by) because: 1. Most of my family is from NY and there are direct flights (& cheaper) to Cancun vs PV 2. I really want a TTD session at the cenote in that area. So can anyone please help me (even PM if you'd rather) find something like this in the Cancun/RM area? Looking for any tall white, concrete, stone structure. Gazebo, terrace w/ large columns, the 3 sqaures lol, etc. OR ideas for beautiful off-the-beach ceremony options please. I'm looking anything beautiful off the beach. Thanks.
  5. Thank you to everyone!! I am already thinking twice about location, venues, etc. So this forum will be a big resource for me.
  6. So what I'm really asking is, any more ideas of places besides the above 2 mentioned in my post of nice white Gazebos? Any new resorts in Mexico opening with gazebos or goregous resorts not talked about much on BDW? (I think I've looked at almost every popular resort here on BDW already) lol. Thanks!
  7. BUMP! Hello everyone! I'm really interested in having my ceremony in a WHITE gazebo. :-) I really love the Meridian one (the round one), but haven't been able to find pics of an actual wedding there. Anyone know why? It looks like it would be a goregous spot. However, the problem for me is the reviews there regarding food, service, and the construction for my guests. Therefore, if I have my wedding there, I likely will not stay there nor my guests. My second choice would be Dreams Cancun (Bonus: me & my guests would likely stay there as well), but I don't love it as much as the Meridien one. Also I haven't been able to find pics of indoor sites for a reception as I don't think I care for the outdoor areas too much. Plus, we can party longer.
  8. So I tried to post the thread again today and instead of seeing the Data Not Found error, it now says it is being held in moderation since I am new so that's a good sign! :-) Thanks for the fix!
  9. Hey everyone! I'm pinkeclipse & just wanted to introduce myself. :-) Don't call me weird, but I'm not officially engaged yet. We have decided to wait until my SO is done with school to get engaged. He should be done sometime by the end of this yr or early next yr (He won't tell me to keep the engagement a suprise. lol ) We're choosing a DW to keep the guest list small & the costs down without sacrifcing the wedding of my dreams. :-) I still want a very classy, elegant wedding. And don't want to scrimp on the things most important to me like photography, dress, hair, makeup, etc. We already have a date picked out so the longer I wait until he proposes, the less amount of time I will have to sort everything out. (I'm notoriously indecisive lol ) With all this in mind, I have decided to stop waiting for the proposal & start planning now to allow more time for saving, enough notice to the loved ones I really want there and to minimize the stress once I am engaged. Although this is my first post, I have been lurking for 2 wks now, scouring this site and thanks to BDW, I already have a pretty good idea of the destination, the photographer, & possible resorts!! Thanks! This is such a great sisterhood community!
  10. I also have been getting this error message trying to start a new thread in Newbies!. :-( I have windows Vista Mozilla Firefox & IE both have the errors On A Laptop please help!
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