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  1. Correct. I ordered the straws from Amazon and the drink flag design from Etsy, and then printed and assembled them myself.
  2. Soon to be - No idea what the bugs were....I never really saw any bugs, so I have no idea. I don't think they were bed bugs though. I emailed you back about the table runners and chair bows. JLS02 - I did let Ana know a month or so in advance about the champaigne, but we didn't confirm the number of bottles until right before we left...then reconfirmed during our meeting with her. As far as the $4 delivery goes, I believe I emailed her something to the effect of, "Given that we're buying the champaigne from the resort, I trust that the $4 delivery fee will be waived......thank you." It worked and she didn't give me any grief over it. Mdcrews - messaged you on this site. Any other questions, please feel free to ask me! Just email me at kdoze@martinpringle.com Happy Planning!
  3. I'm in the US in Kansas. We compared the Divine and Eternity packages as well, but the Divine didn't offer any additional people for dinner, so it wasn't worth it for us to upgrade. Kim
  4. Hi Girls, Here's a link to my full review! http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/products/now-riviera-cancun-resort-spa-all-inclusive/reviews/5316
  5. Hi Kristen, Thanks so much! Unfortunately, the food is the only thing they are unwilling to exchange anything for! We brought our own photographer and minister and wouldn't allow us to use any of that towards food. We paid $48/per person over the incuded 25 for the dinner. OUCH! They did let us select items from the Divine menu, though. We had the beef filet and shrimp and scallops and mahi mahi. I can't remember if they charged us for the extra people for the hors d'oeuvres or not. I know they didn't charge us extra for cake or champaigne. Hope this helps! Kim
  6. Thanks so much....it really was perfect! I requested the draping and walkway. I had seen it in othe photos and knew I wanted it so I confirmed that it came with my package and it did. We got the Eternity package and it was included. For the reception, we had our tables in a straight line. We had 50 people and Ana said that the only way 50 would fit is in a straight line. I struggled w/ this a bit, but after looking at lots of photos, I realized that rectangle tables in a straight line was the better way to go instead of round tables. Now that I've seen it in person, rectangle tables really are the only way to go....it worked very well for us. No way round tables would have worked w/ our big group....especially with a dance floor. Hope that helps!
  7. Thanks! I think I was a DJ in my former life! We got the eternity package and the draping for the pergola was included! Outside the package, I think it is fairly pricey, so I made sure it was included! If you want a color other than white, I think there may be a charge. Have fun!
  8. We had our reception on the terrace and brought 30 lanterns of varying sizes. That was Ana's suggestion and seemed to work well and not look bare OR overcrowded. Kim
  9. Thanks so much! Angel (Angela) did my hair and make-up and used what they had. I did a practice session so the first time around I let her do what she thought would look nice and I loved it, so we duplicated it for the wedding day. I brought pics in of what I wanted my hair to look like and she did a great job. She asked me along the way if I was liking it, so that was good. She was very accommodating. No one brought us gifts to Mexico other than cards. We didn't buy much so we didn't really have to "declare" anything. Coming in to Mexico, the only thing that customs questioned us about were our floating candles, which I thought was weird. It's not like we had 1,000 or enough to sell! We told them what they were for and that was the extent of their questioning. Good luck and enjoy it! Kim
  10. Hi Ladies, I tried to post this yesterday, but no idea where it went. Oh well....I was married at Now Jade on November 4 and it was AMAZING!!!!! Seriously, don't worry one bit....easy for me to say, I know. I rolled my eyes everytime a bride mentioned that on here, so I know how you feel. I haven't had time to write a review yet, but I will try to get to it in the next day or so. Wanted to share my pics, though becuase everyone elses photos were so helpful to me in my planning! Enjoy! My photographers blog that includes a few photos. http://jaclynmariephoto.com/blog/2011/11/21/destination-wedding-kim-and-dustin-at-now-jade-in-cancun-mexico/ Here is the entire wedding gallery if you have 3 hours to kill and want to look at all 550+ of our photos! http://jaclynmariephoto.smugmug.com/KimDustin Email me at kdoze@martinpringle.com or FB me if you have questions! Enjoy! Kim Doze
  11. They may be mine...who knows. I left all my chair bows there. Mine were more turquoise than light blue. My gift to you.... Kim
  12. Hi Girls! I was married at Now Jade on November 4. It was AMAZING!!!! I've attached the links to my photographer's blog w/ a few pics, as well as the link to the entire wedding gallery. Knock yourself out if you have 3 hours to kill looking at all 550+ of our pics! Review to come soon, but for now, here are the pics. Email me at kdoze@martinpringle.com or friend me on FB (Kim Doze) if you have questions as I likely won't be on this site much anymore. Sit back, relax and enjoy it. Seriously!!!! Blog post http://jaclynmariephoto.com/blog/2011/11/21/destination-wedding-kim-and-dustin-at-now-jade-in-cancun-mexico/ Full wedding gallery http://jaclynmariephoto.smugmug.com/KimDustin I can't get the links to work...sorry! You'll have to paste them into your browser. Kim
  13. My wedding is on November 4 and we did a seating chart.....gave Ana the chart w/ what each person ordered. We're doing the beef filet & shrimp and the scallops and mahi mahi.
  14. So pretty....looks like you had tons of fun! Thanks for sharing. Looking forward to your review. I do have a couple questions, if you don't mind.... 1. Chair bows - did you bring your own? If so, do they take them from the ceremony to the reception, or did you buy enough to cover both? 2. Reception dinner....are the plates at each place setting or not? I'm trying to figure out my place setting decor. Thanks!
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