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  1. Hi everyone, I have a question that I am confused about. Do I have to get a marriage license from the state that I live in and I also read that if you are an American you need to get an apostille from the secretary of state of where you were born? Is this correct? In other words what do i need for the marriage to be legal in the USA Sara
  2. I booked michelle and Justin from artistique photographie they are awesome and experienced destination wedding photographers and you and I are in the same month so I think we would get some referral credit .
  3. So ladies I have a question about pictures. I would like to have pictures before the ceremony at the Royal. Do you know if that is possible without having to pay a fee to get in the hotel early?
  4. So could I have a hearsal dinner at the gran porto where everyone is staying? Like a restaurant thats in the resort and make a resorvation to avoid any extra charges? A previous bride had a welcome party is that included with the wedding package? That is weird to me they dont have a rehearsal. How do you know what you are doing? Did anyone have bridemaids i have 6 of them. I need to let them know what to do where to stand. Do we just pretend we are at the resort and practice somewhere else?
  5. I have a question ladies. I am assuming there is a rehearsal dinner correct? Some of my guests are staying at the Gran Porto, some at the Real and others at the Royal. My WC is telling me that the people who are going to the rehearsal cant be in the Royal which is where the wedding will take place more then 30 minutes of the dinner. otherwise they pay a fee to get in. What is the protocol on this and why are we getting charged on an all inclusive hotel resort where both are own from the same resort. Any suggestions? I just emailed the WC to see if we can have the rehearsal dinner at the Gran Porto where we are all staying. No response yet.
  6. I have decided to go with Artistique Photography. If any of you girls decides to wed in mexico riviera maya in november they said we can split the cost of their flight so check them out. Let me know if you are and we can get good discounts together.
  7. That makes me feel better thank you and I do agree with you too. So I just need to help them realize that as long as they dont wonder off the resort they are safe. But you know how some people are.
  8. Congrats Kellygrrrl. I still have a lot to do myself. Are you running into issues with your guests being scared of traveling to mexico? if so how are you over coming this?
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