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  1. Hi Iaus, here's Juan's website with his contact info, he's very quick to reply: http://www.juanphotos.com/ Josie Fiorda, we just had 4 families with little ones with us at our wedding at OCT. The kids ranged from about 16 mos to 4 years old, and they loved the kids pool and area. I don't think the kids were old enough to take part in the program, but they all raved about the amenities for kids at the resort. Good Luck!
  2. @ JCP62212, I think we had about 6-8 lanterns in total. I can't say for sure as my mom was in charge of them and brought the all down for me and gave them to Ana. She also bought them for me, and just picked them up at various places along the way throughout the last year as we were planning, sorry I don't have one great suggestion about where to get them from. We didn't have any lights for them, they just looked great hanging up. We did bring down some fishing twine type of material to hang them, however I think if we didn't have that material they would have gotten them hung up just fine.
  3. @ Archlily, Juan Navarro was worth every penny, I can't wait to get the rest of our photos from him! I booked him about 10 months in advance of our wedding. He's very reasonably priced, and very professional. Good luck!
  4. Hello, thank you! We brought our own lanterns down, however I do know that they have some at the resort, but not sure what the cost would be.
  5. Hi Ladies, here's a link to some of our photos from our photographer's blog, Juan Navarro! I'd highly recommend using him, he was worth every penny! Ours is the second wedding down from the top right now: http://www.juanphotos.com/blog/
  6. @jdaviso: Our colors were fuschia and turquoise, we brought down chair ties, tulle for the arch on the beach, starfish, some table runners, candles, and some lanterns. We gave everything to Ana at our meeting and showed her how we wanted everything, and they took care of putting it all together for us. I'm not sure about the napkins, as we didn't ask about that. I think a simple hurricane candle is included with the tables, and they have shells that can be put on the tables too. @Agy12: I think the hair was $55 and makeup was around $65. I'd highly recommend emailing Lupe (who's the spa manager) before you go to set everything up, the email address for their spa can be found on the website.
  7. Hi Ladies, we just got back from our wedding on March 22, 2012 at OCT, and it was amazing!! We had 55 guests join us from across Canada and a few from the US. You will not be disappointed with the resort, all of our guests (including us) were so impressed with the service, food, etc. We had some who had little kids with us, and the kiddie pool was perfect for them. The rest of us spent most of our days at the pool bar. The food and a la carte restaurants were excellent, no complaints at all! Every night there's either a DJ, karaoke, dancing or something going on at the pool bar until midnight, then we'd all usually head to The Score for the rest of the night. We had a meeting with Ana and Karen (who was assigned to us as our primary WC, and was awesome) the first morning we got there. We brought a lot of our own decorations down with us, so gave them to her that morning. We had our ceremony on the beach near the Privilege area (a lot more private) at 4 pm. We were originally going to have our reception on the Lobby Terrace, but once we had a tour we were lucky that the Creperie was available which is right next to the pool, so we had it there. I'd highly recommend asking about this location if you can! We used the resort DJ, who was awesome. We provided him with a song list a few weeks before the wedding, that they had on hand (if you email him he'll email you files of all of the music they have). They didn't speak the best English, but everyone said it was the best dance party they'd been to. They also included lighting which was great. We also used the resort videographer as we wanted a good video for our family members who weren't there, it turned out really nice. We negotiated a different price for only an hour of service, instead of the 2 hours that was listed in their services. I had a hair trial the first day that I got there with Litzy at the spa (she does all the wedding hair and make up), and really liked it. But, beware she uses a LOT of hairspray! It was good for me, because it was really windy on our wedding day, but was a little much. My little sister also got her hair done on the wedding day, and didn't like it as it didn't look soft or natural due to all the hairspray. I just kept reminding Litzy that I wanted mine soft and natural, and it was pretty good. Litzy also did my makeup on the wedding day, and it was georgeous! Ana customized a package for us based on our requests, and it was a combo of the Paradise and Sunset packages. We had the full sit down dinner for all our guests, we chose the mixed greens salad, surf and turf, and caribbean cake. Ana also organized a menu tasting for us at our request on the first night, was great so we could try everything out! Our reception was from 7-12 pm, and was absolutely amazing. My best advice, and my fiancee had to tell me to do so, was to just sit back and enjoy the week with our family and friends and not worry about all of the details. The wedding day went perfectly, you'll be in good hands! I'll post some pics once we get them from our photographer, Juan Navarro! Feel free to PM me if you have any questions.
  8. Hi Ladies! We leave in 4 days to head to OCT and our wedding is a week from tomorrow on March 22! I will make sure to post pics and a review once we get back on how everything went! I'm having my hair and make up done by Litzy at the spa, ceremony on the beach, and reception on the Lobby Terrace (unless we change our minds once we get there and see everything). We've booked the DJ through the resort, so will let you know how that goes. Ana customized a package for us (we have 55 guests) based on our requests, and we have Juan Navarro booked for our photography. Will keep you posted!
  9. I ordered this hair flower from misunbridal, she was very fast, easy to communicate with, and made it the size I asked for. The quality in person is great: http://www.etsy.com/listing/87862333/expess-bridal-white-flower-with We ordered these Wedding Guest Mad Libs to use as our guest book, will put them all together into a book after. And, can't wait to read the next day! http://www.etsy.com/listing/83688591/printable-wedding-mad-lib-a-fun-guest I ordered spa robes for my wedding party and mom, we're going to wear them to the spa on the wedding day! http://www.etsy.com/listing/68356708/wedding-shower-spa-robes-monogrammed And, a boutonniere charm for my fiancee to wear with a picture of him and his mother who passed away a few years ago: http://www.etsy.com/listing/73805158/boutonniere-charm-groom-custom-photo I love Etsy!
  10. Hi there, I live in Vancouver and am just wondering where you bought this item from: 2 - new packs of Tropical Printable invites with envelopes (10 per pack). I used these for hand written thank you notes!: asking $5 for both THanks!
  11. Hi JBandDJ, I can't believe our wedding dates are coming up so quickly! I'm getting a hair trial done at the resort a couple of days before our wedding, and crossing my fingers that I like it! I've also go a friend coming who's a stylist so hoping she can fix anything that I'm not crazy about! Otherwise, I haven't heard much about the stylists at the resort. I'm planning on doing my own make up, and going for a trial at MAC before I go. Anyone else getting their make up done at the resort, or have had it done?
  12. Hi andecker23, my wedding is coming up in March 2012, so we've learned a lot thus far. In order to bring in an outside photographer you have to pay an outside vendor fee (which for 2012 is $300) and then an $80 day pass for the photographer as well. The vendor fee might change for 2013, though. Hope this helps!
  13. Hi Ladies, I wanted to re-post the link and information we got from the folks that officiate the wedding at OCT a while back. I beliece they use the same group whether it's a symbolic or civil ceremony, and then tailor the ceremony for each couple. In the link I've included below, there is a form that you can fill out and send back to the officiants and they use this to tailor your ceremony: In our web page you and the bride will find the different tipes of ceremonies that we officiate. It is: www.cancunweddingofficiant.com There is An info sheet to be filled up by tha bride and the groom. According to that, we design a tailor made wording which varies in every event, depending on their beliefs, time together, special interests, etc. All this within the structure called Wedding Format.
  14. Hello JBandDJ, we have checked in with Ana on letting the Sky Lanterns go into the sky, and we are not allowed to do so at OCT. It's too bad, we really wanted to do it as well!
  15. Hello, we're doing a symbolic ceremony and this was the information that was provided to us for the officiants. I think they use the same people regardless of whether it's symoblic or civil, and then just tailor it to which ever one you're doing. I was happy to see that even though we're doing a symbolic ceremony, there's still a certificate that gets signed to make it look like a legal ceremony (no one knows it won't be legal, and I've been worried about this)
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