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  1. Hello brides...here is the link of my review http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/products/dreams-cancun-resort-spa-luxury-all-inclusive/reviews/4715 Hope this will be some help
  2. HI all brides...here is my review for Dreams http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/products/dreams-cancun-resort-spa-luxury-all-inclusive/reviews/4715 Hope this will be some help but you guys are in good hands
  3. caboose- rodrigo is with dreams but I think you can request him, I saw other DJ for other wedding. Rodrigo was assigned to me by Claudia.
  4. Hello all future Dreams brides, Put your worries aside! Dreams will take care of you and your wedding. We just got back from ours and it was beautiful. Will post pictures and a review shortly but here is short brief one for now. Wedding day- the weather was perfect even though it was a bit windly in the evening during our reception on the beach but the wind felt good with the heat. Claudia was great and helped us through all the steps. The waiters and bartenders were awesome, they kept the drinks coming. We also hired Juan as our photograher and he was fanastic, but mostly I LOVE our DJ Rodrigo! He kept our party going. Our friends and family had a fanastic time! Rodrigo really know his couples and create the night that is perfect for us. I had my dream wedding!
  5. Hi Nurse M, I am also leaving on Wednesday. Our wedding is on May 22! How are you planning coming along? I am so very excited!!!
  6. Hi past brides at Dreams, i was wondering if you visit the walmart and/or costco in cancun and if they sold flowers? I am hoping to make my centerpieces but looking for affordable places with flowers.
  7. Hi Brides, I also recently spoke to Juan. He stated that if brides had ultimate package and upgraded he will be shooting their wedding. I think you can look up upgrades on the website under extra on the wedding section of their tab. Claudia has not got back to me yet about Juan but I am happy that Juan personally emailed me and reassured that he will be there. I think a good way is just email him directly and ask. Good Luck. Em
  8. Oh man that is concerning news! Claudia has not told me such news and we just exchanged email yesterday regarding photographer and videographer. I will wait for her respond regarding this issue and will update soon. I booked with dreams and contracted them last year in June hopefully Juan has to abide by our contract. I really like his work and will be very disappointed that I will not have him for our wedding. Will keep you guys posted!
  9. Thank you so much for sharing your special day with us! You look so beautiful and your decor was so pretty. I am also planning to have seashells at my wedding for the decor. The seashell you purchase from Micheal's are from the state correct? I was afraid of clearing custom with the shell. So you didnt have a problem with that?
  10. thank you for sharing. Your picture was beautiful. Your reviews really help calm me down. i will be getting there in three months and bit nervous. You look beautiful!
  11. Hi Brides! I am so excited! it is 110 more days to go! nervous and feel that there is so much to do. we are working on our invites now but majority of our family has booked already.
  12. No we did not have any room blocked. I thought about it but we are not using a TA and everyone is booking through websites. I was hoping a little before arriving in Cancun, to inform the hotel the number of people in our party so they can have us close by. Will you be using Dreams to create your centerpieces? i am planning to create my own but purchase flowers there
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