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  1. too bad we cant combine wedding guests ...we were exactly 6 nights short of the unlimited events too...we would have had plenty if the Miami office wasnt such a disaster at the begining...
  2. HI! We are getting married Aug 20th at 5pm on the beach too! My WC is Valeria. How exciting!
  3. CONGRATS! Not much time ...I am getting anxious! Wedding planner is Valeria Vera...Who is yours? Aug 23 is my bday( great day) also we will be at the Moon Palace Aug 16-23rd What dates are you at MP? We should have a drink and swap stories if times allows... How many guests are you having we have 25 .
  4. Hi Ladies ! getting married Aug 20th Moon Palace ... wedding coordinator emailed today to make changes to our plans: We had a dinner reservation at Barracuda ( Steak House on Sunrise Side) and now she says they are unable to accomodate us. she has reccomended the Caribbean Resturant. Anyone have any thoughts on this place ? It has a set menu that we pick main entree... A little disappointed about the Barracuda , and I am open to other suggestions. We prefer not to do the buffet only because we dont want our guests waiting in line the majority of the time. Thank for your help in advance!
  5. May I get that pricing list also. Thanks! essential.energy@yahoo.com
  6. Valeria Vera Garcia is our on-site wedding planner . Any thoughts from you ladies that have been or had worked with her before? Thanks!
  7. We are trying to decide also symbolic versus legal. Thanks ladies for all the posts it has really helped out on that decsion. There were alot of what ifs we had no answers too. Love being apart of this group. Its like having direct access to the super genius of wedding planning!
  8. I can't wait, bet you are super excited ! Who's your wedding planner?
  9. Congrats and great news! What was your ceremony location? anything you would do differently ...THANKS!
  10. Does anyone have an email for the wedding planner VALERIA VERA ? Anyone had her as a WC at the Moon Palace?
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