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  1. OMGAH!! That looks amazing thank you so much for posting those pictures! I have no worries about going thru them now!! GORGEOUS!!
  2. Hello everyone! I'm looking at a bunch of different places to do my dress. I have looked at dressilyme, babyonline, monica bridal, topbridaldress, and duosheng to get quotes and all that good stuff. I'm wanting the Maggie Sottero "Rachael", but I want off the shoulder straps added like on the Private Label by G 1391. I was looking through the thread and liked what I saw for duosheng and Monica Bridal. Monica Bridal and Babyonline said they could do the straps. Dressilyme said they could do it, but they'd have to change the neckline which I'm fine with. They said they could do it for $213.19 excluding shipping. We talked about the beading, and at first they said they couldn't do it. Then when I told them I know it can't be 100% but I would like it as close as possible, they said they could get it at about 89%. Monica bridal said they could do it for about $147. Babyonline could do it for $150, but I've read here that Monica bridal does a better job at beading. I'm not really sure who to go with. Monica Bridal said they'd send me a picture of beading they've done that resembles my dress, but after the holiday is over (which is fine because I'm in no rush). All I've seen on duosheng here lately is their communication is very much lacking so that makes me nervous. The two big things I'm worried about is the beading and the big bow on the backside which is my favorite. I'll add pictures and hope they show up! Please forgive my lack of "photoshop" skills. LOL That's the idea I want atleast! Anyways, who do you think I should go with?
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