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  1. We did not use the resort photographer. We use La Luna which is their sister company and they are cheaper.
  2. Thank you so much for the compliments=) I do not know how many people were allowed up there. We had a very small wedding. 27 people and that was including the 2 photographers. I looked for my paper work to see how much it was per head---can't find it. I know it was a total of about $300. It was well worth it for us. There is a sushi bar up there so there was really nice lounge furniture. Claudia my coordinator said they keep it up there. I was hoping that because I did not want them to move it. It also rained on my wedding day. My ceremony was @ 4:00 and the sky fell in @1:30. It cleared up right before and she called me to see if I wanted to move the reception inside. I told her no, so they moved it under the covered part by the bar=) It worked out perfect. We were still able to enjoy outside with a beautiful view without getting poured on (It started to rain right after the ceremony). My guests booked enough nights for us to have a free 1hr cocktail party. I extended that for 1 hour and rented the ipod hook up with 1 speaker. It was perfect. I was so worried about it being cheesy..lol...but it really was not. I am from the south where we usually have HUGE weddings. I was really worried because I did not spend the extra money on center pieces, table clothes, etc.... In the long run it really did not matter. Everything was perfect and the view was enough for decorations. I had the emerald package and I want to say the total cost was around $4,000 for the entire wedding. We had a big reception when we got home so I did not want to spend the money there. I was really happy with everything there. Everyone was so great. I do suggest staying on the Grand side if you want a big room. The rooms are TWICE the size and brand new. Perfect for a bride to get ready in. We actually were in the Nizuc and switched rooms after we saw a room in the Grand section. Its just very far away from sunrise where there is a lot of entertainment. Its all preference but I thought that side was better for honeymooners and adults looking to relax!
  3. I just had my wedding at Moon Palace in June. Everything was perfect. The mosquitoes were not bad at all when we went. We did put spray in the OOT bags for the guests. We did not use any! I am going to post a review soon. We had our ceremony under the Tucan Terrace and the cocktail hour/reception in the grand section on the terrace that is on top of the restaurant. I can't remember the name right now. I changed it from the Tucan terrace to that at the last minute. We did have to pay extra but it was worth it for us. Here is a link to our pictures. When I was planning seeing pictures really helped! La Luna photography was wonderful! Jonathan did a great job. http://lalunaphotographers.com/blog/gallery/jonathan/weddings/amanda-byron/
  4. Hey Ladies! We are leaving Monday morning for Moon Palace! Time flew by so quickly! I have to say everything has been very easy planing so far. I hope everything continues to run smoothly. Now we just have to keep praying for good weather! The weather forecast is not very promising but I am guessing its like the weather here in Louisiana...quick rain and then sunny skies! I will keep my fingers crossed!
  5. Aholen I hope they find your dress! I am sure they will....good thoughts coming your way!
  6. Yes, I had a large bridal shower and a "last fling before the ring" party. We have done everything the same as if the wedding was at home.
  7. June brides excited? I cant believe it is almost here! We leave in 15 days. Its good to see all of the great comments Terpgurl. You looked beautiful! Love the dress. I am starting to get nervous about how this is all going to come together, so its great to read good things.
  8. About the violence in Mexico....some of my guest are freaking out. I have been reading and watching and have heard nothing about Cancun. Everything I have read talks about the violence on the borders. I think when people hear Mexico they think all of Mexico. Would you cancel your trip to New York if there was a drug war in Dallas? The media hypes up everything! Just read and educate yourself if you feel scared. I was nervous but now I feel better. Travel.gov has travel information and about the travel warning to Mexico. It mentions nothing about Cancun. There are always precautions that need to be taken when traveling. Just be smart. We are staying at the resort and most probably not go on any excursions. Hope this helps.
  9. I think we have decided to just go with a cocktail party and get the 1 speaker with the iPod hook up. So far we have 20 guests. We are getting the cocktail party for free cause we have enough nights. If more guests show we may add an hour. Claudia said that would be an extra cost of 200. We are having a huge reception when we get back for 200 guests so I can't see spending tons of money for extras in Cancun.
  10. Hey Ladies! I am a June Bride...June 25th @ Moon Palace in Cancun. We are hoping for 20 people=) We have a small family and it is expensive for some. I have no regrets about our destination wedding. We are going to have an AHR when we get back.
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  12. Hey Vettiebean=) I am using La luna and they are approved vendors. But I was just told there is a $300 dollar vending fee for outside vendors. I am upset about that because I have been reading that day passes worked for everyone. La luna has been wonderful and they are checking on this for me. I guess I will find out soon how much more $$$$ I will be putting out! Has anyone else had this experience?
  13. Yes, I was told there is a $300 outside vendor fee. I am using La Luna. They have been wonderful. I have been corresponding with Melissa. She has been a big help. I have read on here many brides have just purchased day passes and have read nothing about a vendor fee until recently. Is this new?
  14. I do not know anyone who has had their hair done but I have read that if you bring pictures they can pretty much do the style in the picture. I have also read that they really do not speak English well so I would definitely bring pics!
  15. I also am using La Luna photography and they have been wonderful so far. I was told not to worry about it and that I would just have to purchase 2 day passes for the two photographers that will be shooting that day.
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