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  1. Deco Cancun has a DJ? I was never aware of this. Do you know the price? We are getting them to decorate our ceremony and reception. Its around $2,000.00 but the pictures are GORGEOUS and I would rather pay the money then just had a ceremony with no colors, ect (as I am only getting the Complimentary Package).
  2. Our ceremony is at 4:00 too, my photographer said it will be fine for pictures, I think the ceremony only lasts about 20 - 25 mins anyways. I ordered plane ticket invitations and got the sample a few weeks ago. I am picking up all the invitations this weekend, and sending them out next week, which is a year before my wedding. I got a quote from Dec Cancun - it is very expensive but the pictures are impressive, so I think I am going to go ahead and book that! Has any one decided on if they are getting a DJ yet?
  3. I had a bridesmaid drop out last week, even though I already got her dress and her silk flowers - she said she can't afford it. I feel that we are giving people A LONG time to save up money. PLUS it's a vacation for them as well. Try not to stress over people who say they can't come. Your true friends / people who care about you will be there!
  4. Good luck on your planning JL - you are getting married about a week after I am! I got the 4:00 time slot, and I am sure it will work out for you as well!
  5. I am going to go with DJ Mannia if we decide to do the DJ - his price is $990.00 for 4 hours I think (maybe 3). I have heard such good reviews on him so I think that's a safe way to go! I tried to contact Deco Cancun but could not find a Katie on there. Where did you find her e-mail? I contacted someone else, but no response yet. I really want it decorated like the Amethyst package - so pretty! Any idea how much that costs? I have decided against the room block - it seems more expensive in the end and I can't afford the deposit! I think I will just end up paying for my reception, but the price is not too bad, so its okay
  6. I boguht my dress already, I was not even planning to buy it so early, but I went to the store and found one for $600.00, so I was pretty impressed. Here is the link if you are interested in seeing it (I bought it in ivroy). http://www.venusbridal.com/bridals/pallas-athena/PA9952-PA9961 I agree with you Coconoir1908 - I want to get as much done now as possible! Just in case anything needs to be changed last minute or in case I get buys doing something else. When are you getting married again? April?
  7. Okay thanks that's a good idea (depending on how much it costs) becuase I think I cancel my linens order becuase I would much rather not have to pack them either. I don't know if I want to do a lounge area, I mean I would love to, but I am sure that is pretty expensive? Although, it would be fun.... tough call.
  8. What is Deco Cancun? You can rent decorations for your wedding? That sounds cool. How much did you pay? I just looked on the website but I can't really find any packages or prices.
  9. Yes I agree - I worry about the IPOD not being enough... Although, I don't know if I have the extra $1,000.00 in my budget. I got mine from a Silk Flower Shop where I live. I had been looking on line but I think it's too risky to order them online, as I have heard a lot of bad reviews. I am pretty sure any flower shop where you live would carry them?
  10. My planning is going well! Booked Moments that Matter for photography Considering booking DJ Mannia for DJ.. is anyone else doing a DJ? Or just Ipod dock and whatnot? Ordered silk flowers and already received them Skipping the Save the Date cards and just doing invitations (boarding pass) going to order them on Thursday to send out within the month. Ordered my Bridesmaid dresses (Victoria Secret $50.00) and got them back, all the girls love them. Ordered my linens (chair covers, sashes, table cloths and napkins) Ordered my center pieces. Pretty much have everything under control!!
  11. I am such a pain - I think i will stick to Moon Palace in the end. I didn't realize how EXPENSIVE Dreams Riviera Cancun is - almost $1,000.00 more per person! Crazy!
  12. Ladies, I think I am switching to Dreams Riviera Cancun. The wedding packages are a lot better and include a lot more. They are also a lot more responsive and I just feel better about it. Good luck to all of you!
  13. Oh okay I didn't know you had to do the room block to qualify for a free event, I just thought that if i had a certain number of people staying there, then I would get a free event ect... I think I may just stick with the way I am doing it, all of my Finace's friends are very unreliable, I know they are all coming but they will all probably book last minute, thats just young guys I guess. If I have to pay for my receiption, I am okay with it.
  14. Do we have to block rooms? I was not going to. I am just telling my guests to go talk to my travel agent if they want, and if they don't want to, and they just want to book on their own thats fine. I just dont feel like going through the process of booking the rooms and having people pay deposits yet, I feel its just too stressful.
  15. Oh I LOVE your STD cards!!! Those are from vista print? Do you mind if I ask how much you paid? I think my MOH wants to make mine, but these are really pretty and I sort of want to order ones now....
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